IMG_5421In honor of the New Moon today I want to share with you one of my favorite manifesting secrets!

I’ve been doing this for the past 8 years and it totally works!

Step 1. Carve out a chunk of time to relax and go within.

Step 2. Think about what you really INTEND to create and manifest in your business, health, finances and personal life over the next month and year.

Step 3: Get specific.. how many new clients do you want to receive? How much money do you want to save? What coach do you want to work with? How do you want your body to look and feel. What do you want to create in your business? What do you want to begin?

Step 4: Get a pretty piece of paper and your favorite color pen and write down YOUR list of New Moon intentions!

Step 5: Ritualize it..

Examples: Light a candle, anoint yourself with your favorite essential oils, swim in the ocean, enjoy a lavender sea salt bath, dance your booty off.

new-moon-647369_1280Step 6: Speak your New Moon intentions out loud
to a trusted soul sister or keep it between you and Spirit.

Step 7: Trust, believe and know that when YOU Ask it is ALWAYS given.

Step 8: Let it go to Spirit/God/Universe/Source! Nurture yourself deeply.

Step 9: Place your New Moon Intentions in a sacred place where you can see them daily. This could be an altar or on a vision board or anywhere you will see them daily.

Step 10: On the full moon. Either tape your New Moon intentions in a well lit window or if the weather is nice… place them outside under the brightness of the moon with some crystals. Let the power of the FULL Moon charge up your intentions!

IMG_0403Step 11: RECEIVE!
Expect miracles!

Let’s all do this together and watch the magic and goodness unfold.

Remember- you are the creator of your reality.

Life is FOR you! Life LOVES you. Life wants YOU to have everything you desire and MORE!

Leverage this ancient ritual to help you create your desires faster!



P.S. I’d love to see some pics of your New Moon rituals! Share with me on my facebook page or on Instagram!

P.P.S. Did you download your FreedomistaTM Wheel I sent you on Tuesday? Here it is again, in case you missed it!


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