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4 Week Online Course: $997

Get Visible & Make Bank

The ULTIMATE Speaker Program For Making More, Serving More, And BEING More Is Finally Here..And It’ll Change Your Business Forever!

4-week on-demand online course that outlines how to spread your message and attract your most ideal clients.

This Program Is For YOU If:

  • You have a powerful, transformational story to share, but you need the strategy to getting it out there
  • ​You yearn to leverage your life experience and insights to inspire people and help them improve their lives
  • ​You feel stuck at the level you’re at and you know YOU were born for more
  • ​You’re ready to be seen, heard, and prosper BIG TIME – now!
  • ​You’re not sure where to start… but you know that you have to do something now
  • ​You’re ready to live your soul’s purpose and help others along the way because, man… this world NEEDS you now!
  • ​You need clarity on who you are, what you do, and how to enroll more clients and make more money (you may have been stuck here for a while… but don’t worry; we’ve got this!)
  • ​You’re ready to own your message, make an impact, and feel radiantly confident in your business

Here’s what you’ll receive in Get Visible & Make Bank:

WEEK ONE: Master Your Message to Impact Millions & Make Millions
WEEK TWO: Designing Your Signature Talk From A to Z
WEEK THREE: Go Big, Grow Your Tribe & Make Bank
​WEEK FOUR: Changing Lives & Closing the Deal

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to step into your new role as a leader, speaker, and ICON in your community.


30 Videos in 30 Days: $997

30 Videos in 30 Days to get 30 Client Applications

Speak to Sell On Video and Livestream.
Video is KING and Queen in the Online Kingdom.
Collapse the Know, Like and Trust Factor by mastering Video on any platform with this 30 day Viral Video Challenge.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Discover how to structure a video campaign that can be used to sell any product, course, call to action or offer
  • Get fill-in-the-blank video prompt templates for your 30 day Viral Video Challenge to collapse the know like and trust factor and close more deals than ever before
  • ​How to structure your 30 day viral video sequence to establish authority, trust and credibility and get consistently high view rates, shares, comments and booked consults
  • ​Get my go to video gear checklist to get started with video today
  • Set up your Video brand story with my expert tips for positioning, power and profitability

500K Course Creation Secrets: $997

500k Course Creation Secrets

Design Your Profitable Premium Program that Converts

This comprehensive course walks you through how to Design Your own Profitable Premium Program that Converts. Get step-by-step guidance to build your course and that I’ve used to generate over 2 million dollars online and offline.

Here’s what’s included:

  • How to quickly design a high-value highly Profitable Premium Program suite for your ideal clients
  • Step-by-step profitable premium program training with samples, contracts, templates to get your offer created
  • ​Get my proprietary method “Be You & Make Bank” and how to use your unique seminar story to magnetize audiences full of your buyers at a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying
  • ​Discover how to price your premium offer in a way that makes it a “heaven’s YES” for your prospects to invest in and a joyful payday for you
  • Build your Program Materials out of your story, system and transformation that guarantees your clients and customers get results
  • Find out how to write your own sales page copy to strengthen your sales and close the deal


~ Amanda’s Sales Pages from her 650K Course SYW2S
~ Amanda’s Event Offer Cards
~ Sample Contracts

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