Whatever you’re doing to grow your coaching or consulting biz…


Do not pass “go” until you’ve nailed your niche.

I can hear you groaning already. I know! You just want to get out there and serve whoever needs you. And picking your perfect “peeps” is hard!

Good news: I’ve got a brand new YouTube show that will show you how to nail this FAST. Go here to check out!

Think about it…. if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how can you really know what burning “plane is crashing” problem you solve for them?

And if you don’t know that, how can you:

…Craft a signature talk that gets rapt attention (not yawns)?

…create programs that your ideal clients really want and need and that transforms their lives?

…have hordes of people eager to buy from you and only you (rather than having to chase them and sell, sell, SELL?)

Everything starts with knowing your niche COLD. Fortunately, one thing I’m known for is I can nail someone’s niche in 5 minutes. #TRUTH

Check out my show to see how!

And if you’re trying to decide among a few directions, or looking to shift, I’ve got THREE HOT niches to share with you — maybe one of them is your sweet spot! It’s all in my new video.

So clickety-click and check out my new show today!

See you there. Remember to comment (I read and respond to them ALL) like and share!  (Oh and stay to the end because I have special surprise gift for you!)

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