I’m so pumped! I love learning from the masters and sharing my notes with YOU! Here are my notes from Friday’s seminar with the  incomparable Tony Robbins..and the unstoppable Gary V!!

  1. Build a core following and BRAND of loyal ride or die followers and fans who hang on your every word and who go to BAT for you. You do this by…

A) Give more than you take. Have a plan in place for consistent nonstop valuable content that helps your people and builds your brand culture. BE YOU! Give without expectation of return. Go all brand and giving and then go for the ASK. Give it your all and then let it GO. Be patient. This is not a quick sprint. You have to go the distance and go ALL IN when building your business. 

B) Create an irresistible offer that is impossible to refuse. Then deepen your relationship with your clients and continue to serve them and be loyal to them to the core.

C) Add more value than ANYONE else! Give, give, give. 

D) Know your ideal clients every need and desire. Know the culture of your tribe. 

E) Sell something you actually BELIEVE in. Don’t sell shit. Consumers are more skeptical than ever. Your brand builds your credibility and you back that up with selling something that you BELIEVE in, love, adore and can go to bat for 24/7.

F) Content IS KING and QUEEN. Write, talk, video audio- figure out where you are good. F’ your shortcomings. Double down on your strengths. Go deep into what YOU are good at. If you suck at writing, do video and vice versa. The point is be a content machine and get your stuff out there EVERYWHERE. Let the world KNOW about you.

  1. Technology- Understand at YOUR core that consumers are on their phones 50% of every minute. Your phone is everything. If you don’t figure out technology you will DIE. Even if you don’t like it that everyone and their 80 year old grandma is addicted to their phone and you are worried about where society is going, if you’re in business you sure as hell must understand the top apps and platforms your client is on. You can not delegate your social media to your 20 year old niece. You have to learn the tech side and the fluidity of the platforms your clients are on. Think back 12-20-30 years ago, none of us would have ever dreamed we would have the internet, a phone and a computer the size of our hands in our pockets. Stay ahead and study tech trends because where we are going in the future is going to be radically different to where we are NOW. We’re in the biggest cultural shift since the printing press.  Stay on top of it like your life depends on it. Stay HUNGRY!
  2. Use Facebook ads ASAP. This is the way to reach your consumer. And they are underpriced now. Don’t be cheap. Put every dollar back into your business. And be patient. 
  3. On Failure- You don’t fail because of a lack of money, time, education, tech support, etc. You fail due to a lack of resourcefulness! You can figure anything out if you want it badly enough. Do you want it or not? Be resourceful. Be inspired. Even if you hear no from 220 banks like Walt Disney heard or Walmart back in 1974 only had 78 stores and the competitors Kmart and Sears had 851 stores and 1,326. Now look at them BK baby!)
  4. Mindset — if you have voices in your head from people in your life who are negative and not supportive, be ruthless with who let you into your life. Be more committed to YOURSELF than to what others think about you. Call them up and tell them to F off and then MOVE on with your life. (That’s what Gary V says!)
  5. Whoever you see in the spotlight winning, it’s because they wired themselves to success. They practice day in and day out to get where they are today. In order to change your wiring, you need to push past your comfort zone NON-stop. 
  6. You aren’t your feelings! Feelings come from CORE patterns in thought.
  1. Your brain is 2 million years OLD.  Your thoughts are not even your thoughts. Originate your own THOUGHTS. Stress, fear, anxiety and all the other low vibe thoughts come from thoughts you started believing. They are not YOURS! Everyone has the same old thoughts because that’s how our 2 million year old brain is wired. Turn the channel like you do on TV by changing your BODY through movement. 
  1. Change your state/ mood/ focus in 90 seconds or less. Here’s how..

Take a deep breath and let it out.

Then observe your thought/feeling/emotion, you’re thinking.

Recognize it’s an ancient 2 million year thought that is not even YOURS!!


CHANGE your body through movement. 


Don’t let your energy DROP or dip. Pick it back up to HIGH VIBES.

  1. Your biography is not your destiny unless you use the rear view mirror to live your life.” Tony Robbins!  Think about Oprah’s story and even Tony’s story. Most people who you see WINNING, did not start that way. They were born into extreme contrast and consciously choose to use their God given gifts to create the life they now have. What are you doing?
  2. On leadership. Leaders are readers. Read 30 minutes every day. Take a speed reading course. Leaders- first LEAD themselves than lead others. Leaders are influencers. In order to influence another person, you have to know what influences them! 1) You influence others by your mental/emotional/physical state.  Your state/vibe is influencing YOUR thoughts and actions and creating your results NOW. 2) Your blueprint influences you- your values, rules, expectations, old beliefs , amount of money you have and don’t have, your thoughts all of it creates your blueprint. You have gifts your creator gave you that you need to tap into and USE. If not, you’re living on default.Leaders change our STATES/MOODS/VIBE.
  3. You are 110% responsible for your results/ success/ reality. Responsibility = ability to respond. Are you responding or are you reacting?
  4. It’s not your conditions that create your reality, it’s your DECISIONS. Every moment of your life you’re deciding! The problem is your not conscious and your current decisions are based on your conditioning. 
  5. FOCUS- you feel whatever you focus on. A) Do you focus on what YOU have or what is missing? B) Are you focused on what you can control or what you can’t control? C) Are you focused on the past, present or future?
  6. Choose to FEEL good. Choose to celebrate. This changes your state. We love people who change our state/mood/vibe. YOU get to be a person who changes others STATES/MOODS/VIBES. Advertisers, marketers, entertainers, musicians CHANGE OUR STATE and we BUY from them. 
  7. Success without fulfillment is the ULTIMATE failure. Choose to be fulfilled, happy, grateful, high vibe now. Understand what is your favorite flavor of suffering. What is your emotional “home” or set point? Decide to CHANGE the channel to what you DO WANT and how you DO want to feel. Decide life is too short to suffer. Decide to live in a fulfilled state. All suffering is yours. It’s what you focus on that changes your state. 

So good!!

So what will you do with these notes? I know you weren’t with me live in the VIP seating in arms length of Tony but I wanted to bring YOU these messages so you can make some decisions and evaluate where you are and decide to go towards your dreams!

Now is the time.

Your people are waiting for YOU to LEAD them.

Rise up and SHINE like the super nova  you are!

I love YOU!


P.S. Share your comments and JFDI action steps here on the blog!

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