April 24, 2014
Volume IX, Issue 224
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boundariesDo you ever feel super responsible for your client’s success or failures? Feeling over responsible for my clients use to be one of my BIGGEST money blocks! Read this week’s feature article and learn more about creating healthy boundaries with money so that you can easily reach your soul money goals!

In other news…we’re moving out of our house in less than 1 week! Here’s a sneak peek of the house we are releasing! Watch here!

As you know I launched the 50k in 5 months break free sessions a few weeks back. Since then, I’ve been on the phone connecting with go getter’s who are serious about putting a fork in their f’in money story while building their dream biz foundation.

And last week, I mentioned the “Stick a Fork in It and Build it” 6-Month Coaching Program! I was super excited to see many of you step up into this! Woo hoo!

This is a 6 month coaching program where you receive Bonus Live Master Mind Calls + my infamous End Yo’ Money Drama Course (immediate access) + my Healthy Wealthy Biz School (12 weeks of weekly coaching and accountability with me).

This way you put a fork in your money drama and learn the foundations
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The investment is $1497 in full starting in April/early May. Or a payment plan of 6 payments X $333.

If you know your Money Drama is blocking you from building your Profitable, Portable and Playful Biz and you know you need to build your core foundation of  your biz then this hot new 6 month coaching program is for you!

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Feature Article

10 Ways to Create Healthy Money Boundaries

By Amanda Moxley

grlbMy good friend + master mind soul sister Denise Duffield Thomas from LuckyBitch.com. Denise wrote an awesome book called Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Have you read it? If no, it’s a MUST read for any entrepreneur who wants to make money! Here’s the link.

Denise recommends in her book that you should try Kinesiology to help remove money blocks. Basically your body never lies and if you have un-processed emotions (fear, anger, sadness) they can get lodged in your body and will result in BLOCKING your desires from manifesting.

I’ve been receiving regular kinesiology treatments and the insights and transformations have been profound.

In one of my sessions, my Kinesiologist handed me a 100 dollar bill and apparently my body REJECTED it! Then she said that my body had a belief that “I am responsible” for other people! YIKES!

I agreed. My biggest lesson and practice even going back to my days as a yoga teacher has been to NOT take on other people’s stuff. I am very intuitive and empathetic and I FEEL other people’s stuff BIG time.kins

I had to share this with you because I am sure if you are reading this you too are a highly intuitive, emotional and an empathetic person! When I shared it with my Rain Maker and Fire Starter Master Mind clients they completely related.

In fact, many of my clients have shared with me that they do NOT want to work with clients because they don’t want to take on all of their stuff. But the problem is, we’re in business to coach, mentor, teach, support and lead our ideal clients on the journey. You pretty much need to work with clients unless you want to go the info product route which is a whole other topic.

In today’s article, I want to give you some insights on how to create strong boundaries so you don’t feel overly responsible!

1. Awareness. Tune in and become aware of what’s going on with you and receiving money. Observe and then journal about your awareness’s.

2. Just because you feel empathy for someone does not mean that it is your responsibility to FIX the situation. Write this sentence down and read it every day!

3. Have a strong contract in place that you go over with your clients before you start working together. Pre-frame your client/coach relationship from the start. Clearly explain what you are responsible for and what they are responsible for. And let them know what they can expect or not expect.

4. Know and trust that your client is strong and powerful enough to do the necessary inner and outer work they signed up for to receive the resulted transformation she desires. Her success or failure is NOT your responsibility. She wants to transform. She wants to heal. You are simply a compassionate guide on the side coaching her along the way. You do not need to do it for her! She WANTS to do it herself!

5. Learn more about codependency. You can read books, search the internet and even engage in therapy to help you with codependency. If you have low self esteem, poor boundaries and feel over responsible for others you might have codependency patterns.

6. Create STRONG boundaries between you and your biz, money, clients, and work time. When you have boundaries in place you are safe and so are they. Boundaries clearly define what is yours and what is somebody else’s and that applies to your feelings, thoughts, needs as well as your body, money and belongings.

7. Write up your boundaries in your journal or elsewhere and remind yourself of YOUR boundaries on a daily basis.

8. Cleanse and clear your energy after working/interacting with anyone. You can do this by simply washing your hands. Or close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the connections/chords coming into you. Then take another deep breath and visualize gigantic scissors cutting the chords between you two. Then say an affirming mantra “This energy is not mine, I am purity and divine.”

9. Keep your center and ground in your own energy into the Earth every day. Do things that make you feel centered such as being in nature, yoga, meditation, taking a bath or breathing deeply.

10. Remind yourself that you are not God, or Buddha, Jesus, or Moses! You do not have to take on the world! Heal yourself by loving, nurturing and protecting your own energy.


How’s that?

Practice these 10 steps and watch your MONEY flows abundantly flow into your vortex.



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