Attention heart-centered coaches, healers, creatives and service professionals:

Do you want your business to give you TONS more fun and freedom�while making you a fortune?

You’re about to discover my 10 Step Blueprint to a Biz that’s Profitable, Playful and Portable!!!

See if this sounds familiar: You started your business for the freedom of working when and where you choose. To express your unique gifts. To make a difference in people’s lives and on the planet…while making a good living too.  

But sadly, you feel like no matter how long or hard you work, none of these dreams have become your reality.  It’s like you just haven’t “popped” yet in your biz.

There are a few reasons for this that I see ALL the time, even in my most talented and creative clients. For example:

Are you a genius at delivering your services and delighting your clients…but feel like a failure when it comes to marketing, selling or charging what you are worth?

Do online business structures like shopping carts, merchant accounts, invoicing tools and membership plugins make your head spin (if you even know what they are)?

Do you wonder whether you have chosen the right business model for your business …or are you so paralyzed about making a choice you're not making any money?

Do you believe the clients for you must be out there – but you're just not finding them?

Are you spinning your wheels, trying every new idea, constantly changing directions and second-guessing yourself, and getting nowhere fast?

Are you so worn out and chained to your computer, you can barely summon the energy or even remember the passion that made you want to start your business in the first place?

How long has all this been going on …and when will you FIX it?

It's time to finally let Your Genius Out of the Bottle!

I'm Amanda Moxley, your 6-Figure Healthy Wealthy Biz Coach and Mentor. You might have seen me on...

And I see so many amazing, talented women business owners staying all small and bottled up...not enjoying the success and making the money they deserve. It’s all because of a deadly combo that’s common to most heart-centered entrepreneurs: a lack of nuts-and-bolts business know-how, plus a really unhelpful “story” around money and receiving that’s been creating a “wealth bottleneck” for years.

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Heather PennellI've had such amazing success with my clients and as such I'm now well on my way to making 6 figures.

"Working with Amanda completely altered the course of my life. When I started the Healthy Wealthy Biz School I was a struggling intuitive photographer lacking the ability to fully understand my value by only charging $250 for my photo sessions. As you can imagine, investing in myself was really difficult to do based on what I was earning every month. But I'm so glad I did because by diving into the HWBS I was able to reformat my business and increase my rates tenfold. I now offer Photographic Branding and Transformational Coaching to elevate conscious entrepreneurs so they can attract more clients and thrive on every level. I've had such amazing success with my clients and as such I'm now well on my way to making 6 figures. I highly recommend hiring Amanda, don't delay on creating the life and business of your dreams."

Heather Pennell
Photographic Branding and Transformational Coaching Expert

Jia NiWithin the first month, I went from receiving less than $1K a month to making a $5K month!! I then went on to create my first $8K - and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!!

Amanda is a true gift and contribution to the Universe - my love and gratitude for her in my life is INFINITE. I came to Amanda terrified, stuck, and very much in the low vibration of lack. I knew I had a huge intuitive, spiritual, and mystical gift within me, but I never dared to own or receive from it. Amanda changed it all. Since I started working with her, my business has QUANTUM leaped!

A little about me + my biz: I am an intuitive & psychic gifted in clearing subconscious energetic blocks for people so that they can experience manifesting with much more power, grace and ease. Amanda helped me OWN my gifts and I am forever grateful! Combining Amanda's highly effective business systems & abundance mindset with my wisdom around the energetics of the manifesting - it was manifesting a-go-go! 

My coaching practice blossomed, now fully booked out weeks in advance!! For the first time, the clouds have parted. Within the first month of working together, I went from receiving less than $1,000 a month to making a $5,000 month!! I then went on to create my first $8,000 month - and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!! 

The best thing? My heart-centered business has become a consistent stream of abundance that fully supports my being and my desired lifestyle. Amanda is a pure genius in laser focusing onto your limiting beliefs and calling them out, creating structures to support you, and holding a high vibration space so that you can end yo' money drama, make more money, and POP in life + biz!!!

Jia Ni Teo 
Business Intuitive & Soul Abundance Coach

Milena PointerWorking with Amanda has made me into a more confident and savvy business owner. I am a much happier person now and I am excited to get out of bed each morning.

I have been working with Amanda for the past six months and I can't BELIEVE how much my life has changed since we first started. Last year I was in a really bad place. I hated my full time job, had constant worries about money and my side business as a health coach was not going anywhere. I felt depressed and exhausted because I saw no way out of that situation and I knew I needed more support. When I found out about Amanda's private mentoring program I just knew in my gut that it was the right thing for me to do. Amanda is an inspiring, passionate, caring and kind person and she really knows how to get you from point A to point B while giving you a huge confidence boost during the process. Working with Amanda has made me into a more confident and savvy business owner, I would never be able to learn so much in such short time if it wasn't for her sharing all the knowledge has acquired through her years as a business owner. Today I am a full time health coach and I also started a second business, delivering green juice to my clients. I am a much happier person now and I am excited to get out of bed each morning. 

Amanda's POP program takes all the foundational steps and necessary tools to building and marketing your business and breaks it into simple actionable steps, which makes it much easier. It gives you all a blueprint to make your business a very successful and profitable one. Having Amanda's knowledge and experience to support me through the program and answer my questions was a huge bonus, and I also got to be part of an amazing community of entrepreneurs who did the program with me.

I can't recommend Amanda as a mentor enough! She is fantastic and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Amanda, I am never leaving you! 

Milena Pointer 
Holistic Health Coach

FACT: Most heart-centered women entrepreneurs in service businesses
LOVE performing their service...but secretly HATE doing business!

So what’s keeping so many brilliant, caring women entrepreneurs playing so small?

Many are so uncomfortable with money conversations they'd rather give their coaching or services away for free than ask for the sale.

Technology scares them silly or just isn’t their “thing”(because they are “creative types”), so they are not set up online for money to come easily into their businesses.

They hate the idea of marketing because it seems sales-y or unspiritual, so they are the best-kept secret from their ideal clients who desperately need their help.

They have fallen prey to a poverty consciousness, so they haunt free teleclass after free teleclass (sometimes for years!) hoping to somehow glean enough free information to get by on their own.

But after all this time, all they have to show is a patchwork of ideas, tools and strategies they still don't know how to make work for them. Instead of having a business that’s growing and thriving, they’re still struggling to stay afloat, or even get started.

Well, I’m in business to STOP that vicious cycle…and help you to finally POP, in just 90 days!

Welcome to Amanda Moxley's Healthy Wealthy Biz School!

Gail SaponeSince working with Amanda I am more focused, in the process of launching my website, newsletter and blog and I've also identified my ideal client. I've even created my very first video!

Before I started working with Amanda, I felt confused, overwhelmed and lacked clarity and direction with my start up Holistic Health Coaching business. There was so much to do and I didn't know where to start.  Since working with Amanda in her POP Your Biz in 2016 Course and 1:1 coaching sessions, I am more focused, in the process of launching my website, newsletter and blog and I've also identified my ideal client. I've even created my very first video!  Amanda has a wealth of information that she shares in her course, is amazingly intuitive, she injects her courses with humor and passion and she really cares about your success.  I would highly recommend working with Amanda if you're serious about Popping your biz!

Gail Sapone, RN
Health and Nutrition Coach
Gail Sapone, LLC

Cassie Lopez"Before working with Amanda, I was making $600-$1000 a month. After her End Yo' Money Drama and POP your Biz program, I brought in over $6,000 in just 10 days! I have an in home nanny for my baby and I am moving to a new condo."

"I was facing putting my 8 month old son in daycare so I had time to work and I wanted to move into a bigger place but didn't see how I would be able to afford it. As a result of implementing the tools Amanda taught in her End Your Money Drama and POP Your Biz courses I was able to bring in over $6,000 in just a week and a half. I was making between $600-$1000 per month before that course. I now have my nanny taking care of my son in the next room, have successfully launched my Live Your Vision Board Life online course (starts Feb 11th), hosted my first online conference call, and am moving at the end of the month. My business is skyrocketing and I'm excited to see it continue to grow!"

Cassie Lopez
Intuitive Business and Lifestyle Transformation Coach


Greer Owings-Husserl"I have turned my blog into a second income, and just launched my first retreat teaching women how to live a blissful life of longevity + health + happiness."

“When I started working with Amanda, I was in a place of overdrawing my account once a month. I was plagued with fear around money, and had a lot of limiting beliefs that kept me in shackles. I started my photography business a year ago & have seen beautiful, exciting months of success! But my money-lover would love me & leave me.

With a lot of therapy via EYMD, I have a much healthier relationship with money. I was so excited to enter her POP program immediately after EYMD. Perfect timing!! And I am LOVING this program too. I have now turned my blog [which is rooted in natural parenting + natural health] into a second income, and just launched my first retreat teaching women how to live a blissful life of longevity + health + happiness.

I already cannot imagine not having Amanda in my life as a coach! We all need a coach & I jive well with her jargon & ways of belief/living.”

Greer Owings-Husserl

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It's not just what you don't know about business...
it's what you don't know about yourself that is sabotaging your success

I totally get it... because not very long ago, I was the same way!

When I hung out my shingle, I thought just because I'd healed my own relationship with food, transformed my body from a size 14 to a size 4 and had a gift for helping women break through their body barriers, that I'd have a thriving business in a few months. All it would take is a website and the people would come, right?


I struggled to find clients, and even when I did, I was horrified to find that my relationship with money was every bit as messed up as my relationship with food had been.

I routinely gave away free coaching because I couldn't ask for the money, or gave my clients years to pay me. I knew zero about marketing or business, so I listened desperately to every free teleseminar I could. Sound familiar?

I did some things right, got some clients and even some media attention…but it was all trial and error – mostly error, and my bank account showed it. I lost or spent money as fast as I made it. I treated my business like a hobby, not like a real business.

I couldn’t GET why I was never quite able to “POP”... I would have a little success and then slip back down into a very uncomfortable comfort zone.  I was on a nonstop ride on the feast-or-famine rollercoaster!

It was SCARY... and so FRUSTRATING because I knew I was meant for so much MORE.

I ended up manifesting my deepest fear. The money was gone and I mean ALL of it…my savings were drained down to $200!


But hitting rock bottom was the very best thing
that could have happened to me!

At the time, I had no idea what was going on. But since I knew all the right things to do (I’d taken every seminar!)  and my skills were awesome, I knew those things weren’t the real problem. So finally I wondered if my mindset and programming might be at the heart of my failure. (DING!!!)I did a lot of work around this and I transformed myself from the inside – where my f’ed up money story was.

That transformation was the key.

After that light went on, I remember looking in the mirror and saying:  “this is a battle, and I am going to win.” And I believed myself!

Within days of getting out of my own way and letting go I started selling my high end programs like hotcakes! From having only that $200…I brought in $54,000 in 6 weeks... within 9 months, I passed 6 figures …And within another 12 months, I passed the 200k mark! Woo hoo!

Healing my money story, ending the money drama and getting out of my own way finally got me OFF the money rollercoaster. AND it led to making a LIFELONG dream a reality -- to live in Kauai, Hawaii for 3 months last summer after having my second baby in April 2012.

And the coolest part? I actually had my best income month ever while living in Kauai ….actually living my vision board!!

If you had told me back in my feast-or-famine days (NOT that long ago!) that this would be my life, my business, I would have said you were crazy. But it’s true…and it can be true for you too!!


Ava Waits"Before I asked Amanda to be my mentor, I was working as a business coach behind-the-scenes in my nutrition company. I was selling my business guidance for just $90 an hour, which was much less than my nutrition mentoring sold for!"

“It was obvious that it was time to let go of the nutrition company, but I was resisting that shift. In that resistance, my income was going up and down, and money had become a hugely emotional topic for me.

With Amandas support, I publicly transitioned into supporting entrepreneurs, and since then, I have been coaching women who wish to create richer lives. Now I sell private coaching packages for thousands of dollars, and it's been so easy to sign on clients who pay $4,000, $6,000, $8,000 In the first month that I worked with Amanda, I sold $17,000 worth of business coaching, and clients are even flying to Washington State from California and Europe to do work with me. The groups Ive led in the past year have had more interest than ever before, and have filled up with clients from around the world. My first official keynote speech led to over $7,000 in new income, and I staked my claim as an inspirational speaker this year, because I am meant for the stage.

Also, just a few months into working with Amanda, I got the intuitive sign that it was time to start writing a book. With Amandas accountability, I wrote most of the manuscript in 3 weeks, while living in a million dollar waterfont mansion that was loaned to me. The book is set to be published in the coming year, and its an important step as I prepare to speak in front of even larger audiences.”

Ava Waits
"Feed the Source of Your Success" Coach


Melissa Frederick"Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!"

“I have been working with Amanda for 1.5 years now.  I began working with her to transform my relationship with my body & food and since it has morphed into work on not only body image, but money & business.

The changes I've made since working with her have been: releasing 30+ lbs, getting rid of limiting beliefs around money and claiming my dream of quitting my job in the corporate world and embarking on a 2 month cross country road trip (which I am currently in the middle of), and starting my own business as a Body Empowerment Coach!  

Amanda has expertise in all of these realms, body, money and biz, and is able to relate and advise on a super deep level due to her experience.  Hiring her as my coach has been, by far, the best thing I've EVER done for myself!”

Melissa Frederick
Body Empowerment Coach

"Since doing the course my relationship to money has completely changed... I feel so good about money and magically it seems to like me more too."

Since doing the course my relationship to money has completely changed. I now track my money and spending and enjoy looking after my money. I have changed many of my beliefs that I had inherited from my family and the media. I have been able to go from dreading my credit card bills to joyfully receiving them. I not only have a debt plan in place but am managing my money to allow me to buy my hearts desires too. I feel so good about money and magically it seems to like me more too.”

“I had been managing my money badly, or not managing it at all, for about 15 years. I never knew how much money I had in my account at any one time so would continue to shop and buy regardless and would frequently go overdrawn at the end of the month.

I decided to start my own business and realizing the value of education enrolled on various courses and programmes but I never even thought about how I would pay off the debt that I was growing.

The situation got worse and worse until eventually, I was in complete denial about it all. The credit card bills would arrive in the post and go straight into a drawer often unopened. This meant I would often get late payment charges too.

When I heard about Amanda’s End Yo Money Drama programme, I knew Immediately, I had to do it to end this once and for all. I listened to a recording of the preview call about a week after and missed the early bird offer but still thought ‘I have got to do this’

Amanda’s style is relaxed and intuitive. With her guidance I uncovered why I was in the situation I was and how to change it around.

Since doing the course my relationship to money has completely changed. I now track my money and spending and enjoy looking after my money. I have changed many of my beliefs that I had inherited from my family and the media. I have been able to go from dreading my credit card bills to joyfully receiving them. I not only have a debt plan in place but am managing my money to allow me to buy my hearts desires too. I feel so good about money and magically it seems to like me more too.”

Emily Thorpe

The right knowledge and support was what it took for me to POP!

Now I’ve blown past my old money programming that was keeping me broke and small no matter what I did.

I've mastered marketing and sales, and my ideal clients find me. So has the media—I've been on TV multiple times as an expert, I was named one of Utah’s most influential women in the marketplace in October 2011 and was awarded by NAWBO with the Rising Star Award in 2010.

My sales conversations have become a way of serving my clients, so they are happy to pay me thousands of dollars (my newest program is $50,000!) to come and work with me.

My business structures are in place, so receiving the money is easy, as is attracting and communicating with my ideal clients.

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Salenta Fox"Just 2 weeks after my VIP day with Amanda I had sold my own 1/2 Day VIP Day for $1000. After that I went on to offer 3 month programs for $3,000."

“When I first came to Amanda all I had was an idea and passion bursting from my soul. I knew I had the expertise but I didn’t know how to turn that into real cash. I had been watching Amanda for a few years and knew I wanted what she had. I didn’t want to struggle for years before figuring out how everything all worked. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life and if I did something I wanted to go big from the start, so I enrolled.

Just 2 weeks after my VIP day with Amanda I had sold my own 1/2 Day VIP Day for $1000. After that I went on to offer 3 month programs for $3,000. Now my programs are even more juicy and value packed and I have people coming to me. Without the guidance of Amanda I would not have known where to start or had the confidence to charge what I do.

Now I know my value and I am confident when I tell people the price of my services. I went from knowing nothing about the coaching business to making real big money in just months. I gained valuable industry knowledge and skills on how to make money fast doing what I love. I gained the confidence to be seen, to show myself, share my story, and ultimately offer my gifts to the world with grace and ease. I am now fully established and making the money I desire. Thanks you Amanda”

Salenta Fox


"My life is practically unrecognizable now..."

“I have been working with Amanda for almost a year, in group programs
such as Healthy Wealthy Biz School and End Yo’ Money Drama, and now in a private 1:1 mentorship. My life is practically unrecognizable now, from where I was that fateful day I decided to join HWBS. It has been huge for me to step up and invest in myself in such a big way, to be held accountable for my desires and identifying and implementing action steps, and to have someone in my corner rooting for me all the way. When we started working together, I thought I wanted to be a textile designer and make the world a more beautiful place, but just didn't know how to do it.

Through working with Amanda and with the help of all my sisters in the online forums for each group program, I have gotten clear that my dream is much bigger, and I'm now working as a Coach myself, in hopes of touching many more lives and inspiring creativity, abundance and health in the lives and businesses of artful entrepreneurs. I am now working with women to craft THEIR big visions, helping them get clarity on their
paths and dipping into their big dreams, and I am truly loving the work I do. I am so grateful to Amanda all the help she has given me. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without her support, butt-kicking and cheerleading!”

Laurie Coyle, Life Design Coach

Now it's your turn!

I used to think technology was too complicated, too masculine or just for geeks…

The fact is, technology has leveled the playing field. It's never been more within YOUR reach as a heart-centered woman entrepreneur on a mission to have a voice and a presence and success beyond your wildest dreams, while having a huge impact on the health of the planet.

SO MUCH more is possible for you now as a solo practitioner that never was before!For example, you can reach your ideal clients all over the world with just a few clicks…and have them find you, no matter where they are! This is incredibly exciting…and it’s never been easier for a heart-centered entrepreneur to POP!

And best of all, no matter where you are in the world,. you can create a biz that istotally portable and suits your LOVE of freedom, fun and adventure. No more being chained to your desk!! Woo hoo!

But… I'm not going to lie and tell you that it's easy.

There is a TON for you to learn. Not only all the techy stuff (a lot of which you can outsource once you understand how) but also the inner game of what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. (That's just as important as the nuts and bolts stuff – and you can’t delegate it! Only YOU can make that transformation within yourself.)

The good news? Now you can learn everything it takes to finally POP – because I'm going to teach you myself!

Introducing Amanda Moxley's Accelerated Healthy Wealthy Biz School:
90 Days to Make Your Business POP!

Imagine, all in one place and from one source…EVERYTHING you need to know about running your solo business successfully, from the proper entrepreneurial mindset right down to how to create the "buy now" button on your website.

Imagine knowing just what to saywithout a lump in your throat --when a prospective client asks "So what do you do?" or even the dreaded "What do you charge?"

Imagine throngs of eager prospects opting in to your website or subscribing to your blog, devouring your emails and "converting" naturally into clients all year long…

Imagine having all the online and offline systems and structures you need in place, so that when someone is ready to buy from you, the only question in your mind is "Visa or Mastercard?"

Imagine being able to run your biz online from ANYWHERE in the world while you enjoy new adventures and people and surroundings that nurture you.

Most of all -- imagine having somewhere to go for answers to ALL your questions, plus ongoing accountability, so nothing ever stops you again!

This is the training I SO wish I would have had when I was starting out. And now I'm making it available to you, so you won't have to climb up the learning curve that I did! 

(You will not believe the confidence and security that comes from knowing what you're doing businesswise. That shift alone will make you a LOT more attractive to clients, opportunity and money.)

Yes! Enroll Me Now!


Lindsay Hinton"Within two weeks of starting her End Yo Money Drama course, money ($1,200) and clients began flowing with ease and grace like never before."

“Amanda Moxley is one powerful, brilliant, and loving woman. The messages she brings in and her firm, yet juicy and compassionate leadership and coaching just transformed my relationship with money, my business and ultimately my life. She is a living, breathing embodiment of the truth she teaches, and the miracles that can happen when you live on purpose, in your power, and without hesitation.

Within two weeks of starting her End Yo’ Money Drama course, money ($1,200) and clients began flowing with ease and grace like never before. If you struggle to own your worth, ask for what you need, or bring a steady flow of money and abundance into your life, run toward Amanda right this moment. She will give you everything you need to heal, shift and transform your life and business. Deep love and gratitude for her.”

Lindsay Hinton
Creator and CEO, Soul Inspired Wellness


Kim Gillespie"I have gone from clients just wanting one-off sessions to suddenly 3 clients in 2 weeks, and I made $3800 in 2 weeks!"

“I just wanted to say thank you for your End Your Money Drama Course. I found you to be an excellent facilitator and the information, worksheets and templates you provided astounded me, you certainly over deliver on the information!

One thing that provided an ‘aha moment’ for me, was getting in touch with my ‘Money Lover’. Since following your guidance in this process, I have gone from clients just wanting one-off sessions to suddenly 3 clients in 2 weeks, booking me for my Get Unstuck and Go From Blocked to Brilliant Program.  I made $3800 in 2 weeks!
It feels so good to finally End My Money Drama (and throw my old beliefs away) and know that I can create an amazing Income doing what I love!”

Thanks so much, Amanda

Kim Gillespie

Finally…In Healthy Wealthy Biz School YOU Can Discover My
PROVEN Blueprint: 12 Secret Steps to a Profitable, Playful and Portable Biz!

In my journey to multiple 6 figures, I identified exactly what I did right (and what to avoid!) in both the outer and inner work that got me there. Then, I began teaching it to my clients, who have used the very same system to generate a lot more money (and happiness!) in their entrepreneurial businesses.

Now I’ve broken it down into 12 simple-but-vital steps that form the foundation every biz owner needs to make it online --whether you are just starting out or want to build more income, fun and freedom into your existing business. Introducing The Healthy Wealthy Biz Blueprint!TM

Class starts January 9th through March 27th, 2017

Here are your 12 “Building Blocks” to a Biz that POPS:

F'in Focus

There’s is the very first foundational step, and for good reason! Most entrepreneurs fail because their vision is cloudy and scattered. They lose track and get distracted by “bright-shiny-object syndrome”. So to kick off our work, I’ll work with you to clarify your vision and then show you how to F-in FOCUS like a gold-medal athlete in order to manifest it.

You will develop the vital "in-it-to-win- it", "failure-is-not-an-option", "eyes-on-the-prize" single-minded focus you need to get where you want to go.

  • Fully Commit to F’in Focusing for the next 90 days
  • Clearly identify and get in 100% present day reality about what has stopped YOU from focusing in the past in claiming your desires.  You will be amazed at how powerful this process is!
  • Courageously create a clear plan of action and intention to remove these success blockers from your life!
  • Learn my 6 Figure Time Management Secrets to get out of running your business like an expensive hobby and into a thriving EMPIRE!
  • Discover what your time is really worth and start acting, delegating and BEING a 6 figure biz woman
  • Implement and take massive action on Amanda’s F’in Focus tips to get Gold Medal results

Get Your 6-Figure Vision On!

This is where you create the “desire generator” that will give you the energy and determination to keep building toward your dreams no matter what.

  • Understand on a very deep level what has stopped you from BEING the successful 6 figure + powerful female entrepreneur you were born to be
  • Get your 6 figure VISION on! Create your 6 figure + vision that powerfully pulls you forward
  • Blow the WHISTLE on your old ways of being, acting, thinking, believing and serving which has kept you small, scared, broke and stuck in negative habits and patterns with your energy, money, time, clients, image and focus  (warning: your EGO is NOT going to like this ☺; please note … a bad day for the EGO is a GOOD day for the SOUL ☺ )
  • Receive a guided visualization from Amanda Moxley to meet your future successful 6 figure + powerful self.
  • ALIGN, be and ACT like this FUTURE super successful YOU to RECEIVE the results you crave; more money, quality time, amazing clients, opportunities, spotlights, energy and love.
  • Identify, Clarify and Claim your 6 + figure SOUL Money Goal
  • Join me in a Sacred Blessing Ceremony to Welcome Your Future 6 Figure + Powerful and Successful Entrepreneur Self into the world.

Turn Your Unique Signature System into CASH

Turn your unique Signature System into a massively leveraged tool which will reward you with CASH and confidence for years to come!

  • The past is over, but you can still CASH in on it! Learn how to turn your rock bottom story into your seminar story so that you can support and serve your peeps and make GREAT money doing it!
  • Learn about “soul contracts” with your tribe of peeps and finally release any old money issues.  Remember what you once knew as truth; money is divine energy and is as essential to your life here on Earth as food, water, love and oxygen.
  • Easily uncover, discover and create your Signature System so that you can be held, adored, loved and claimed by MONEY for the rest of your business life.
  • Confidently answer the question “Who am I” and stand in it for all of the world to see. This is a throat chakra healer at it’s finest! Knowing who you are and confidently standing in yourself will magnetize money, ideal clients and amazing opportunities your way.  Stop being afraid of being seen and heard for who you are and allow the abundance into your life.
  • Turn your unique Signature System into a massively leveraged tool which  will reward you with CASH and confidence for years to come.
  • Allow yourself to be supported by the masculine structures of your business so that you can RECEIVE your desires.

Snuggle Up with Your Ideal Client
to Create Your Dream Business

  • Learn how easy it is to magnetize your ideal clients to you by just BEING YOU and living your awesome life!
  • Open up your Money Inflows by Remembering Who You Are… knowing this is a GAME changer !
  • Learn the magical 6-word phrase that will make attracting your peeps the EASIEST thing EVER!
  • Create your Ideal Client character with Amanda’s 50 powerful clarity coaching questions
  • Decide if you have a viable cash-producing business, one in which your ideal clients will easily invest in or if you are just running an expensive hobby as a business
  • Learn how to use your ideal clients’ exact words to write HOT copy; setting you up for consistent ever-flowing inflow streams of income year after year
  • Save energy and make more money by not trying to save everybody! Instead, learn how to be yourself and serve your ideal clients (could this be any easier?)

Everything Ezines!

How and why to use this magical tool for connecting with your tribe.

  • Discover 8 juicy reasons WHY you MUST have an ezine if you want to make it online
  • Learn about everything ezines… get the why, the what and the how!
  • Learn 9 fun and easy alternative ways to publish your ezine if writing is not your thing.
  • Roll your sleeves up and get your ezine in tip top shape to build the know, like and trust factor (once you build your ezine format it will sustain you forever)
  • Learn how to repurpose your ezine to grow your list and serve your peeps

Heal your F'in Money Story
(Get that head trash into the dumpster for good and open up
to the abundance that's just waiting to move in)

Believing in yourself – More than any lack of knowledge, it's the lack of belief in yourself that is getting in the way of your making the kind of money you desire and deserve. That's why we will do the essential inner work to explore the core of your limiting beliefs and what is stopping you from believing in yourself so that you can turn your passions into big profits.

We'll heal your money story, open up your money channels, transform your wealth consciousness to tune into abundance instead of lack, heal your inner child so that you can receive and more.

  • Release generational limiting beliefs about abundance, wealth and prosperity so that you can truly be, do and have anything you desire
  • Unhook any limiting beliefs about God or spirituality that may be limiting you from allowing your abundance in
  • Heal your DEBT story (if it applies). Learn the real meaning of DEBT and how to heal the shame, embarrassment and fear forever
  • Receive a guided visualization from Amanda to open, heal, balance and strengthen your root and heart chakras (spiritual energy centers) opening the way to consistent money in-flows and short-circuiting the feast-and-famine cycle forever. 

Pop Your Biz and Get Visible with Video!
Discover how fun and EASY it is to educate, entertain and STAND OUT

  • Uncover and bust through any visibility issues and resistance in getting visible with video.
  • Learn Amanda’s Sizzlin Video Tips to get massive views and to convert prospects to cash! (Some of Amanda’s videos have had over 4,500 views!)
  • Create, publish and POP your first video in our safe and sacred private community. Or if you are already publishing videos, learn how to up-level your videos to POP your visibility and to build your brand buzz
  • Feel it, to heal it! Process all your crap about being seen, heard, vulnerable and visible!
  • Stop trying to be perfect JFDI (just f’in do it!)

Moving from Sales to Service and Closing the Deal

  • Learn how to rock your strategy sessions with Amanda’s tips
  • Receive Amanda’s 9 step Strategy Session System to easily fill your coaching practice
  • Learn how to overcome common objectives to closing the sale and to be the leader and coach your clients are looking for
  • Learn 10 ways to get your next 10 free consults
  • Discover how to soften the close so that your prospects say yes every time!

Your Teleclass Profit Plan

  • Why Teleclasses ROCK and why it’s your turn and YOUR time to start!
  • Decide what kind of call you’re going to host. Pick and choose from 5 models!
  • Get the lowdown on how to Host a Teleclass
  • Magnetize Your Peeps to YOU through POP marketing! Get Amanda’s teleclass promotion check list.
  • Receive a word-for-word script from one of Amanda’s $30,000 health coaching teleclass launches
  • Receive 6 strategic steps to fill your PROGRAM after your call

How to Create, Market, Book and Lead
your own Private Client VIP retreat days to add major cash injections to your profit plan

  • How to Create, Market, Book and Leadyour own Private Client VIP retreat days
  • Uncover any resistance you may be feeling towards being paid “a lot” of money to work with you for a day
  • Receive a guided visualization from Amanda about who you must become in order to receive 1k- 20+k for a day of working with you
  • Map out your VIP days
  • Learn from Amanda how to host life-transforming VIP days for your clients that make you money and leave your clients transformed

Grow Your List with Your Free Gift
and Increase Your LIST-BUILDING MOJO!

  • Pick and Chose from today’s hottest free gift ideas that your ideal clients will COME running for
  • Create Your Free Gift in 6 easy steps
  • Learn exactly what you MUST INCLUDE in your free GIFT if you want to POP your Biz
  • Receive Amanda’s List Building MUST-HAVES: 15 Super Easy & Fun Ways to Grow Your List
  • How to Track and Watch Your Stats like a Biz Pro

Ready to sign up now?

You'll get the entire 90-Day Healthy Wealthy Biz School PLUS all the
valuable bonuses (shown below) at a special low tuition!

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

Here's how you will experience Amanda Moxley’s
 Healthy Wealthy Biz School!  

Class starts January 9th through March 27th, 2016

  • Twelve - 60-minute Training Calls (A $6,000 value)

Each week, you'll receive a 60-Minute Training Call where you will be trained in depth in one of the necessary blueprint pieces of the Healthy Wealthy Biz School model. You will receive coaching exercise, scripts, guided visualizations and juicy exercise and assignments to support you in Poppin your biz this year. I will be training and teaching you to take the exact steps you need to succeed in both the inner and outer game of biz as an entrepreneur.

That’s 12 hours of in-depth, highly-dynamic training and instruction.

  • Twelve Powerful, Group Laser Coaching/Q & A Calls directly with me, Amanda Moxley ($6,000 value)

Weekly 60-minute group Question and Answer training sessions to get your burning questions answered so that you can implement what you are learning into your business immediately – ensuring your success and accountability.

Clients rave about my ability to listen deeply and to connect into the heart of what they are trying to say and then to distill it into an easy and fast action step. Each week throughout your Healthy Wealthy Biz School experience you will receive 60 minute live Laser Coaching/Q&A session as a group, to step forward to ask a question about anything that is happening with your inner or outer world of building your healthy wealthy biz.

You can ask me anything you want about your guidebook assignments, choices, material review, or anything you need help with to get more clients and a profitable, playful and portable biz! Anything. You will be amazed what you receive when you are being coached AND what you receive when you witness your fellow training intensive members being coached as well. Past clients have made additional 1000’s of dollars from one laser coaching session alone!

  • Twelve 60-minute Training Call Audio Recordings (A $1997 value)

If for whatever reason, you aren�t able to make a particular training call, no worries, you'll be able to listen to the recording of it and keep the audio forever in the Healthy Wealthy Biz School ONLY online resource center, as many times as you like and even download it onto your computer or iPhone. We record every one of the 12 Training Calls AND every one of the 12 Group Coaching/Q & A Calls, and post it on this special Healthy Wealthy Biz School site, usually within 15 minutes of the live call. This way, you will never miss any information and will have access to your Healthy Wealthy Biz School material as often as you like.

  • Twelve Healthy Wealthy Biz School Guidebooks (A $1997 value)

You’ll receive weekly power packed inner and “outersizes” taking you through each step of the Healthy Wealthy Biz School blueprint system. Use your weekly guidebook during the course and for months to come as a journal and “command central” of the breakthroughs we create together.

Your Healthy Wealthy Biz School guidebooks include instructions and question & answer sections, info-action sheets, templates, resources, scripts including anything referred to or discussed during the 12-week training allowing you to make the most of your training and shorten your learning curve even more! (Some of them are so helpful, you might even call them "cheat sheets!")By the time your blueprint training intensive experience is complete you will have a nearly 225+ page Healthy Wealthy Biz School Blueprint Library to reference over and over again!

  • Access to the Healthy Wealthy Biz School Blueprint Online Community Forum (Priceless!)

A private forum where you and your classmates can meet for mutual support, to bounce ideas off each other and to swap tips and best practices you've discovered. It's a place to celebrate wins and learn from each other's experience. You can even arrange to promote each other's businesses and grow your list of prospects so everyone prospers!  Powerful stuff!!

They'll not only inspire you, by "going for it" in every area of their lives, but they believe in you and see you as your best self, your highest potential – so you can too. It's said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. When you meet regularly and have the support of high-level friends like these, you will be unstoppable! (Value: Priceless)

Oh, and when you register now you receive 3 Power-Packed Take-Inspired-Action Healthy Wealthy Biz School Bonuses (because I am decisive when it comes to my business success, I like to honor this for others as well)!

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

Bonus #1: Exclusive "Pop Your Biz Live"
LIVE EVENT Bonus! (A $2,997 Value)

As a bonus with your enrollment you get TWO FREE TICKETS to my 3-day intensive POP Your Biz Live to transform your business and relationship with MONEY.

Get with me LIVE and in person for 3 High-Energy, Content-Packed days of AWESOME entrepreneurial training and IMMERSION in your new Wealth Consciousness!!

Get with me LIVE and in person for 3 High-Energy, Content-Packed days of AWESOME entrepreneurial training and IMMERSION in your new Wealth Consciousness!! This will be a MUST-ATTEND, space-limited event for heart-centered entrepreneurs who will be lining up to get in -- and YOU get your sacred seat(s) locked in, for FREE.

(Park City, Utah October 25-27th, 2016)

Bonus #2: Special Report and Guided Visualization (Value: $97)

“The One Tiny Thing that is Keeping You Small, Scared and Broke” (Value: $97)

Discover and heal the one little thing inside you that - once shifted - can totally transform your attitude and your bottom line!

Bonus #3: Weekly Accountability (Value $30)

Tracking forms to record your progress, refine your goals and go after your dreams in a measurable way. You will report your progress, successes and challenges in our private online forum every Monday so you stay on track! (Value $30)

Bonus #4: WELCOME KIT of Support Materials
to Help You on Your Journey (Value $197)

You’ll get all this delivered to you online as soon as you register!

  1. Amanda Moxley’s 2 raved-about e-books
  2. The Wheel of Transformation
  3. Creating Your Ideal Vision
  4. My Big Bold Juicy Goal Setting sheets
  5. My 1 month to 5 year Goal/Vision Map Plan
  6. A blank schedule to help you organize and prioritize your weekly goals
  7. Your Weekly Declaration Form

Bonus #5: Two Great Extra Tools!

  1. "Easily & Joyfully" Financial Tracking Sheet
  2. Six Ways to Turn Desires into Gold by Napoleon Hill:

…and you never know, knowing me, I may just throw in a few "extracurricular" surprises!


Kara Gilligan"My business since then has skyrocketed!
I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly."

Before coaching with Amanda, I was struggling to get the money & the confidence to manifest my dream of moving to California. I signed up for Amanda's Lean, Lovin' Money Making Machine Program on an intuitive hit, and I was blown away by my results! 

I set the intention to manifest $10K and move to California by the time the program was finished.  I brought in 8.5K in the first month!  I had NEVER made that much money before in one month, and the coolest thing was how easily and gracefully I brought it in.  I was juicing, doing yoga, buying myself luxurious skin care products, getting massage and taking care of myself like I had never done before.  It was so sublime!  Amanda's positivity, her commitment to high frequency living and go-getter guidance was EXACTLY what I needed.  I completed the move & found the perfect house in Santa Barbara.  PLUS, my business since then has skyrocketed!  I'm now making 8-10K per month regularly.  I can't endorse Amanda's wealth, business & health coaching enough!

Kara Gilligan
Personal Branding & Manifestation Coach
AKA "Your Personal Fairy God Mother"


Danielle Marggraff"Since working with Amanda I am breaking down my limiting beliefs and bringing in the big bucks!"

"Before working with Amanda I was making some money but not nearly as much as I wanted or needed for that matter!  I was uncertain about what the next step was and she must have heard my battle cry because she happened to be offering a program right when I needed it most.  I immediately contacted her and the adventure began!

Since working with Amanda I am breaking down my limiting beliefs and bringing in the big bucks! I even made 15,500 in the first 5 weeks of working with her!  My vibration was the highest its ever been and I have shifted my thinking which not only helps me attract more of what I want into my life its helping me hold a bigger space for my own clients.

Her support and high contact coaching has inspired and uplifted me and I am so grateful to have her as my mentor!"

Danielle Marggraf

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

Of course, I know you’ve been trying to make it! So let me ask you…, what’s YOUR plan for creating a sustainable business you can run from anywhere in the next90 days?

 Now I know what you may be thinking (I used to think the same thing before I became successful):

“I should just be able to do it myself – I already have all the info products, and courses on the planet!”!

Listen: There is NOTHING wrong with you. There’s a lot more to making it than just knowing “what to do.” (If that were true, all diet books would work!) Almost no one can succeed when they try to go it alone! It’s not weak to look for help, mentorship and support – it’s SMART.

And let’s get real: if you haven’t created the results you are looking for yet, how is continuing to do the same thing going to change that?

Here is the good news: You will LOVE how much FUN and inspiring I make the training, how grounded and certain you will be in your new knowledge and expertise, and how supported and uplifted you will feel by me and your fellow studentsin the program ! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the doldrums, how many half-finished home-study courses you’ve got gathering dust on your shelf (we’ve ALL been there!)  or how big your challenges look to you right now. Show up, do the work, accept the support, follow the blueprint… and you can't fail!

This is for you if you are willing to do whatever it takes to manifest your profitable, playful and portable biz – not “someday” but RIGHT NOW!

Face it, your life is happening NOW. How long are you willing to suffer and waste your precious time in struggle and confusion?

So... what is the investment for the Healthy Wealthy Biz School
10 Step Blueprint to a Biz that’s Profitable, Playful and Portable!!!

What would it be worth to you to finally say goodbye to all that’s been holding you back? To get past your old money drama and make 2016 the year you become everything you’ve dreamed of as an entrepreneur? To learn everything you need to know to build a business like mine--  that is set up for six-figures and beyond?

Please note: the Healthy Wealthy Biz School Blueprint Experience is truly hands-on: we will have an intimate experience where I will be personally teaching you, training you and coaching you weekly for 12 weeks. Together, we’ll createIMMEDIATE shifts, and you’ll receive my exclusive exercises, templates and resources you can use over and over again With all the support you will get from me, there is no way you can play full on and still walk away from this experience stuck, stifled or confused. so it’s only fair that the rate reflect the value that will be received, yes?

And considering my private mentor clients happily invest up to $25,000 to coach with me (and $1,000 for a single 60-minute training call)– the real-world value of this training is well over $25,000.  

After all – this is not another info-product that will sit passively on your shelf. These are all proven systems that I will walk you through personally, and that you will use repeatedly in your business to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’ll make money from this for your entire life-time and I am just giving it ALL to you.

However, here’s the thing, just like you – I want my work to make a real difference, not just money. So I want to open the door REAL wide for those who are meant to be a part of the transformation and love that our world is waiting for. I am a firm believer in abundance and generosity of spirit (just ask anyone!)


AMAZING, right?

YES! It’s really simple to take advantage of this AWESOME opportunity!

Just click on the “Register Now” button below and then fill out the registration form and submit it right away (NOTE: Do this right away – The tuition will NOT stay at this introductory rate for long!)

YES AMANDA! I want to Join your Healthy Wealthy Biz School and POP my Biz in just 90 Days!

I know I will receive:

  • Twelve  60-minute Training Calls ($6000 value)
  • Twelve Group Q & A Calls with Laser coaching from Amanda ($3000 Value)
  •  All Call recordings ($1997 Value)
  • Twelve Healthy Wealthy Biz School Guidebooks ($1997 Value)
  • 24/7 Access to our Private Online Community Forum (Priceless!)
  • Bonus: 3-Day LIVE EVENT- 2 tkts ( $2,997 Value)
  • Bonus: Amanda’s Welcome Kit of Support Materials ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: Tracking and accountability tools (priceless!)
  • Bonuses: 2 special reports plus guided visualization: ($194 Value)

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

You could easily earn your entire tuition back  from just one additional client in the first month of the program.
But hurry! Because registration for new students closes soon so we can get started building YOUR 6 figure business in 2016!!

Again, my intention is to make this as easy as possible for you. So we’ve financed this for you and created a super easy-breezy payment plan.

And if you are still on the fence you have my peace of mind guarantee:

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say “Yes” to creating your Healthy Wealthy Business. I’ll even give you the chance to test-drive this program for 7 days at no risk! Receive the first week of course materials and if you discover after fully engaging and participating that this program is not a match for you and your business… Then I will offer you a 100% refund of your money back. This offer is good up until 7 days after your purchase. 

I promise to deliver high quality content and training. I’m confident you will get HUGE value. And I ask that you participate with your whole heart, soul, and business!

Let’s Create Your Healthy Wealthy Biz School Blueprint together!

It's your time to POP and build a business that’s rock-solid and touches the stars! . There is no reason you can't have all the success I do and more. Your ideal, high-paying clients and all the money you could ever want are out there waiting for you!

The only things that are stopping you are getting crystal clear on your vision, believing in yourself deeply, overcoming old programming around money and knowing how to do business online and off, and having a proven step-by-step blueprint to follow – and I cover all that in this program and more!

I can't wait to see you create YOUR profitable, playful and portable biz, , transforming your clients' lives as you get richly rewarded too – in money, fun and FREEDOM!!

But enough from me, now it’s your turn...

Your turn to take this first important step.

This is your invitation ...

IS the Healthy Wealthy Biz School Blueprint Experience for you?

Only you can choose.

I have three important questions to support you in connecting to your Inner Guidance I want you to ask yourself...

  1. Are you committed to creating the business and life of your dreams?

  2. Are you ready to be supported by a tribe of women entrepreneurs who are going for it 100% and who are fiercely determined to create a thriving  business of doing what they love and being themselves (so that they can live the amazing life they’ve imagined?)?

  3. Am I the mentor for you? Am I the one who is meant to take your hand, to lead the way and walk with you down this path – the one I’ve already taken with great success that I want to share with YOU?

Enjoy a deep nourishing breath, tune in and ask yourself...

Then Join IN!

YES AMANDA! I want to Join your Healthy Wealthy Biz School and POP my Biz in just 90 Days!

I know I will receive:

  • Twelve  60-minute Training Calls ($6000 value)
  • Twelve Group Q & A Calls with Laser coaching from Amanda ($3000 Value)
  •  All Call recordings ($1997 Value)
  • Twelve Healthy Wealthy Biz School Guidebooks ($1997 Value)
  • 24/7 Access to our Private Online Community Forum (Priceless!)
  • Bonus: 3-Day LIVE EVENT- 2 tkts ( $2,997 Value)
  • Bonus: Amanda’s Welcome Kit of Support Materials ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: Tracking and accountability tools (priceless!)
  • Bonuses: 2 special reports plus guided visualization: ($194 Value)

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

It all begins now, everything in your business, everything in your life, and everything you dream is about to change.

See you in class!


Amanda Moxley, Healthy Wealthy Biz Coach and Mentor

P.S. There is a reason only 3% of people actually make 6 figures a year.. It IS absolutely possible for you to become one of them like I did…BUT you have to be willing to think, feel, believe and act differently than the other 97%. . It isn’t rocket science, but it does take effort, commitment, perseverance …and the ability to ask for and invest in the right support along the way. Are you up for doing what it takes so YOU can have the rewards?


Still have a few more questions but you know  you want to join us? Simply register for Amanda Moxley’sHealthy Wealthy Biz School to be sure to secure your spot and then schedule a Breakthrough Call (value $497) and we'll get real clear, real quickly if this is the program for you. If we find it is not, you will get a refund, no hard feelings. Just email and we will find a time that's great for you!


Trine Vik"I was literally petrified when it came to my financial future before Amanda's End Yo Money Drama program and now I love handling my money and am confidently watching my business grow."

“Before Amanda’s End Yo Money Drama Program I was literally petrified when it came to my financial future. I had spent all of my savings, was starting up a new business and finishing my last semester of college while struggling between feelings of indifference and gut-wrenching fear over my money. As a pre-med and anthropology major, I had no idea how to balance a spread sheet let alone set solid financial goals for myself and my business. The End Yo Money Drama Program catapulted me from a world of lack to excitement and abundance. The group atmosphere was amazing and the calls were 60-minute explosions of inspiration and amazing tools that I use every day. Now I love handling my money and am confidently watching my business grow.”

Trine Vik
Blood Clot Specialist


Sonja Ramos"It was worth every penny, and now I feel ready to finally claim the income that I deserve and to love every minute of it."

“Before working with Amanda, I had a vague, on again/off again relationship with my money. Since doing her 5 week course in End Yo’ Money Drama, I now track every penny, and am forming an intimate relationship with my money. It is spilling over into other areas of my life as well, like food and time.

Amanda lays out easy to follow steps in creative ways that allow in 'aha moments' like nobody's business! It was worth every penny, and now I feel ready to finally claim the income that I deserve and to love every minute of it.

I'd highly recommend to anyone who is looking to raise their vibration around wealth and wealth consciousness and do it in a fun, sassy and spicy way, to check out working with Amanda!!!"

Sonja Ramos
Fresh Betty Lifestyle


"After taking her course I have a daily practice around transforming my wealth consciousness..."

“Amanda has such a beautiful way of talking about our money story.  We all have limiting beliefs around money, and she calls us out in a way that is loving and innovate yet firm.  

She provides such an awesome container of support through this course.  I love her purposeful, direct, yet down to earth style!  After taking her course I have a daily practice around transforming my wealth consciousness to continue upleveling myself in every way.”

Heather Jernigan
Private Launch Coach

Yes! Enroll Me Now!

About Amanda

Amanda Moxley is a fun loving, adventure seeking free spirited speaker, coach and teacher. She’s the founder of and the creator of several popular and infamous programs such as End Yo’ Money Drama, POP Your Biz LIVE and Amanda Moxley’s Healthy Wealthy Biz School.

Amanda built a solid multiple-six figure coaching business in just under 2 years working 18 hours a week by teaching women in the health and healing industry how to JFDI (just f’in do it).

Amanda is an award-winning business owner featured in magazines and TV, and a sought-after nutrition expert for TV and print media.

At the same time, Amanda sets the example for her> clients by using her business to fund and fuel her own freedom based lifestyle, Amanda and her family live in Kauai, Hawaii 3 months out of the year and spend the rest of the year skiing and playing in Utah, all while still conducting “business as usual” and earning more than ever! Amanda shares her JFDI formula with you so you can rock your freedom based lifestyle all the way to multiple six figures too.

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