21 Reasons Why You’re Not Making More Money in Your Business

 I believe that learning how to make and receive money is a spiritual and healing journey to get out of your own way, to serve and to allow yourself to be loved, claimed and adored by the divine.

My advice is STOP putting it off!

I encourage you to step into your fullest potential, to serve at your highest level and to allow yourself to show up and share your heart and message just as YOU ARE now!

1. You are not selling anything. You rarely make an offer. You hardly ask for the sale. Be honest with yourself, how many times over the past few days have you asked someone to BUY your product or service? How many times have you stated your fees? Do an honest appraisal of where you are and from here on out track when and how many times you ASK for the sale. Figure out how many no’s you get before you get a YES. Then do the math and increase your asking. Speaking of.. join me tomorrow for an all NEW business training call where I’ll show you how to GET VISIBLE & MAKE BANK.


2. You say YES when you mean no. You’re defined by what you say NO to as much as what you say NO to. Nobody likes to be told NO or say NO but business is business baby so woman UP and say NO when you mean it.

3. YOU focus too much on non income generating activities. i.e. scrolling through social media as a voyeur and not as a ‪#‎player. You spend too much time hanging around online chat groups that are not producing income for you and you know it.

4. You have bright shiny eye syndrome. Master a couple of key things and then once you’ve nailed those down, you can strategically implement another one. Stay focused.

5. You invest but you don’t implement. There’s nothing wrong with being an avid learner and student however you’re in business to make money. It’s time to implement and take massive inspired action. In doing so, you’ll learn a TON about yourself and you’ll help more people. My motto is JFDI (just f’in do it).

6. You’re more comfortable on the sidelines rather than shining in the spotlight. If you want to make money now, you need to get off your ass and get to work. It’s time to get uncomfortable, stretch, grow and shine! I know it’s easy to say this and if you want help with getting into action and out of fear, that’s my specialty.

7. You allow your current friends, family, associates and colleagues to influence you. Do they have what YOU WANT? Have they created what you want to create? Do they inspire you and life you up? Stop shrinking your light so they will stay comfortable. It’s safe for you to get bigger than your friends and family!

8. You believe your current reality. You emotionalize your current reality which keeps you stuck looking down instead of looking up on the horizon towards where you are headed. You want different results? Focus on what you want and take action towards getting what you want.

9. You’re insane! You keep repeating the same behaviors over and over… going to the same rubber chicken networking event and never getting clients.

10. You don’t have a focused DAILY, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly marketing plan. You’re a winger, a wisher, a copier and a wannabe!! Instead you need to get visible daily through creating VALUE for your clients through tapping into your own story and then share it through writing, speaking, connecting, listening and asking for the sale daily! I’ll show you how you can share your story, get visible and make bank tomorrow on my NEW business training call. JOIN US HERE

11. You’re a one woman show in your business. You’re the book keeper, the web designer, the infusion soft expert, the customer service assistant, the admin assistant, the coach, the author, the copywriter, the photographer (too many selfies!) etc. If you want to grow to your next level you have to stop doing things that are non income producing and you must delegate everything that drains your energy and that you suck at.

12. You’re a reactor not a creator. You don’t have a detailed plan for each day so you wake up and choose to react to life rather than be a creator.

13. You have horrible boundaries with technology. You have email and social media on your phone which keeps you always hooked into an outside world and away from relying deep within source.

14. You’re a victim. You’re waiting for someone to save you or give you permission. You pout and have temper tantrums and get angry because you’re more comfortable playing small and being a victim than you are being a powerful bad ass spiritually rich business woman. It’s time to grow up honey. No one is going to save you. The one you’re waiting for is YOU. Now is your time.

15. You are weak minded. You allow emotions of fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, lack and everyone else to energy dump all over you. Instead you need to be #‎ruthless with your mindset. Use discernment to decipher what is real and not real. For the record, love, abundance, prosperity, flow, generosity and faith are real.

16. You’re co- dependent. You take on the responsibility of your clients for fear they will leave you. You over give and it drains your energy and makes you not want to work with any new clients. This is a massive energy leak and needs to be sorted out pronto.

17. You’re hiding out. You want to be seen, heard, and to shine and to prosper but you feel stuck. It’s like you’re 8 months pregnant and you want this baby to come out but it’s not ready! Ready to stop hiding out? Get Visible and Make Bank with me tomorrow!


18. You give up too early. You say things like “it’s not working”. You can never quit.

19. Your commitment waivers. You haven’t fully made the decision and drawn the line in the sand that you will prosper no matter what. Success is only a decision away. Your actions and what you implement are affected by your continuous commitment and from deciding every damn day to get what you want!

20. You think you have to be someone you are not. You think you have to be perfect or everything has to be completely planned out and organized before you can launch. I’ve created multiple 6 figures consistently for the past 5 years by being myself which is NOT perfect or planned out. I fly the ship while I am building it. Yes, I may piss my team off but I simply don’t know the answers until I am in the thick of it. I move quick and fast. Be You, Make Bank!

21. You compare yourself to the seemingly successful people in your industry. You’re bringing your inner 12 year old to work with you instead of competing with your own self to better your best.

So there you have it! 21 ways WHY you’re not making money in your business now. It’s all good to read this and get inspired but my intention in writing this was for you to take some serious action and also take a full evaluation of where you are at now.



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