I’ll tell you a secret.

OK, it’s not really a secret because I talk about it all the time. I’ve had some serious rock-bottom moments. Like in 2011 before I hit 6 figures in my biz, $200-left-in-my-bank-account-and I’m- the Kale -winner -of the-family-how-the-f*-am-I-gonna-pay-my-bills moments.  

That one was not fun. I felt  embarrassed and scared and like this is not supposed to be my life. But something really good came out of it.

A story.

Turns out, telling the story of my worst most vulnerable real and raw times and how I transformed has made me more money over the years than all the pictures of me frolicking in the Hawaiian surf with my family, combined.

When I suggest to people that they could use speaking to attract clients and skyrocket their biz, I can see their resistance. They don’t think they look cool enough or successful enough or perfect enough for anyone to listen to them.

But here’s the thing. Looking all cool and successful and perfect is NOT what attracts your dream soulmate clients.

It’s your story, the raw and vulnerable parts. The parts you’ve tried to hide. The stuff you think makes you look absolutely NOT cool.

I know it sounds crazy. Aren’t we supposed to be showing off our “Insta-perfect” lives all the time?


Finding what I call your “plane is crashing” story is the first step to a signature talk and a whole transformational business. Sharing that story powerfully will change lives, starting with your own.

I promise, your story is someone else’s solution. I want to help you find it, own it and turn it into signature talk and a system you can sell. Even if you’re still in the middle of your story.

Wanna work on it together? I’d like to offer you a free 55m session where we’ll do just that.

Go here to book your seminar story session!

Full disclosure: I’m doing this for free because I know that some people I talk to will want my help actually creating all of this over 90 days in my ‘Moxley Method’ Speaking to Success program.

If it’s a fit for you, we’ll know, and I’ll tell you about it.  People coming out of that program have a rocking signature talk that enrolls clients, and a signature program that is so “them”, they can’t wait to sell it (for multi-thousands of dollars!) Like Tori, who in the first month surpassed her income goal of 7k!!

If that sounds good, and you just don’t know how it could happen, then we should definitely talk!

Can’t wait to work on your story with you. Your perfect clients are waiting to hear it!

If you’re scared to share, I get it. Our story session is a 100% safe place. There is gold in your past. Let’s find it together. Go here to book your seminar story session!

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