I was just adding up all I’ve invested in mentorship and coaching over the years. Let me tell you, it’s been pretty significant!

Every year since 2011, I’ve put at least $20,000 into getting the mentorship I needed. One year, I invested $100k (yes!! True!)

Was it worth it?

Was I worth it?

The answer to both: an unequivocal YES.

Each mentor helped me to see myself and my business in a new way:

Some gave me incredible business advice and strategies that were worth tens of thousands, actually hundreds of thousands now —  in revenue to me.

Some helped me overhaul my mindset, which was even more valuable (because stinkin’ thinkin’ will scuttle even the smartest strategy).

Some provided amazing models of possibility for me in the way they ran their own lives and businesses. Some did all three.

The most important thing they all did for me was to see me — really see me — and help me see and believe in my own greatness and potential. And hold the space for it all.

Now I’ll admit in 2011, I really didn’t have the money for mentorship — but I knew I’d gone as far as I could by myself. There was a time when I thought I could — and should — do it all on my own. But I discovered it’s like trying to drill your own tooth. And I decided I was worth it.

The work I did with my mentors and coaches has been incredibly valuable to me on SO many levels, but even more important, it’s made me even more valuable to others.

I know how to ask the right questions and provide the right support when my clients and students are stuck or have blind spots about how amazing they are. I know how they feel because I was there too!

If you’re wondering how to turn your message into a business and have the impact and income your dream of, perhaps I’m the mentor for you.

But even if we don’t work together, please, please realize that you are worth it — worth the investment in mentorship with someone!

The sad truth is, if you don’t choose to get help, you probably won’t actually do anything. It’s not your fault. It’s just the way people are.

And that would be such a waste of your amazing, unique value and message. I don’t want to see that happen. (And that’s one reason I’m not going to ask you to invest $20,000, even though some of my private clients have plunked down that much and more!)

Let’s chat about how I can mentor you to a joyful, impactful and profitable message-based business in 90 days in my Moxley Method™ Speaking to Success program.

Book your free call here!

You’ll talk to me or one of my mentor-coaches and discover how I’ve designed this program to give you all the hand-holding, fresh perspective, step-by-step guidance and accountability you’ll need to get your business off the ground and profitable — while being more affordable than my 100% one-on-one coaching.

I can see your greatness even if it’s not totally clear to you yet — and together we can make it make a difference, and make you an income beyond your wildest dreams, just like I’ve done for so many of my clients.

Book your free call here!

This call will give you amazing clarity, even if you choose to go another way. But if you’re called and invited to work with me, that means we all see that it’s a fit! I’m excited!

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