I’m not sure you realize this, but you won the lottery.

I mean, you had a one in a thousand trillion (don’t check my math) chances of arriving on this Earth, with your unique point of view, your past, your experiences and your STORY.

That’s worth a lot more than you think!

How do I know? Because stories based on life experience and the wisdom that comes from it have been the springboard for my own success, and the success of pretty much every one of my students and clients.

It’s the basis of the signature system I help them design, and the cornerstone of the signature talk that fills the program where they get to deliver that system and transform their clients’ lives.

That’s why what I call the “Plane is Crashing” story is one of the main things I teach and one of the first things we create in the only program I’m running now. (More on that later.)

And I want to GIVE you the Story Template I use with my paying clients right here in this email!

But first, can we be honest?? — while we each have our stories, not all of them are created equal.

We’ve all been subject to painting on a polite smile and trying not to roll our eyes, as we listen to someone go on and on about themselves…or tell a story that takes forever and seemingly has no point…or just doesn’t connect emotionally at all.

Am I right?

It’s important to know what story to tell, and how to present it, so that it will have the biggest impact on your audience, and on your business.

For your story to work, there needs to be a BIG element of transformation. That means it has to start from a place that you might not like so much…where you were broken, or failing, or bullied, or worse.

A lot of high-achieving women I know don’t want to go there. They feel it’s all in the past and they’d rather forget it, and certainly don’t want others to know about it. That’s why so many never tell their story, or hide the shameful or less-than-perfect parts.

WARNING: This is FATAL to your story and your ability to help others transform!

The wisdom you’ll impart, and your connection with your audience comes from your overcoming adversity, not from how badass you are now.

But even if you accept this, you still might not know how to get all the way from point A to point Z in your story so that it gets people enrolled in your message and your program.

So I want to give you a downloadable cheat sheet template for you to start to brainstorm all the elements of your Plane is Crashing story. Print it out, go to a quiet place or your favorite coffee shop, reflect and fill it in.

This is the exact same thing we work on together in Speak Your Way to Success with The Moxley Method.

I’m doing this because the world needs the story that ONLY you can tell, and the transformation only you can provide!

I think you’ll be surprised how much GOLD is in there!

If you’d like my help creating your Plane is Crashing story, the signature talk and system that go with it, and a clear, proven roadmap to selling 3-5 ideal clients with every talk… then let’s get on a call and see how Speak Your Way to Success with the Moxley Method could figure into your plans.

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