Can you believe November 1 is this Tuesday? Yikes! Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that it was the beginning of the year, and you were making plans and setting shiny new goals?

Time does fly. But unfortunately, not everyone is having fun.

If you’re still in the same place with your body as you were in January – out of shape or overweight, self-esteem at low ebb, too tired or secretly ashamed to step out or step up —  I’m here to tell you it’s not too late.

But I also have to say, don’t kid yourself. Nothing will EVER change, until YOU do.

YOU have to take a stand for yourself and say “I’m worth it.”

YOU have to acknowledge that struggling on your own isn’t working.

YOU have to care about your life, health and success enough to get the support you need.

I’m here to help. My Body Barrier program has helped hundreds of women drop excess weight, learn to love their bodies and open themselves to an overflow of amazing abundance in  happiness, love and even money. That’s right, their bank accounts got fatter while their bodies got thinner. See their stories here.

And you can still get in at my “old” price…but ONLY until November 1 (that’s Tuesday, remember?!) when it goes up by 40%.

Plus – if you take action by tomorrow, I’ll gift you a full VIP day with me, for free with your program. With five months of one-on-one attention plus a whole day of transformation with me, you really can’t lose.

And you SO deserve it. (Please believe that, whether you work with me or not…but I know this program works, so why look elsewhere?)

Aren’t you done letting your body stand between you and the wealth, love and happiness you desire? Don’t let another year go by.


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