Move Beyond Your Body Barrier™

Are you already living your best life, sharing love with your ideal soulmate and commanding the level of wealth you deserve?

If not... your own body may well be what's standing in your way!

Let me help you break through your Body Barrier™
once and for all… and receive the Money, Love and
Vibrant, Abundant Life You Deserve and Desire!

You might be thinking, what is a “body barrier” and what does this have to do with money or love?


Your Body Barrier™ is a WALL that blocks you not only from from your best body, but also your ultimate wealth, and the intimate love you desire.

woman alone The Body Barrier is a phenomenon I’ve observed in the hundreds of clients and students I’ve coached and mentored over the years.

Its bricks are things like excess pounds. Habits that undermine your health, self-esteem and your image in the world.

Toxic thoughts like "I'm not good enough," "It doesn't really matter, anyway." "I'll never find love." "That's fine for HER, but I could never have that." (Sound familiar?)

The Body Barrier™ keeps you hiding instead of shining like the star you are.

Settling for less instead of going for what you deserve.

It keeps you stuck, small, powerless. Mired in fear and avoidance instead of adventure.

It can trap you on an endless rollercoaster of soul-sucking drama at home, at work or in your love life, if you have one.

Spinning in circles of doubt, lack and not enough-ness -- watching life pass you by, frustrated and knowing that there must be so much more...if only you could get to it.

You can try to ignore it. Most of us do. But it's a losing battle.

Because the Body Barrier™ consumes 80-90% of every waking thought you have and keeps you trapped in mediocrity, scarcity, and a lack of faith that simply repeats the cycle over and over again.

So your results never change, no matter how hard you work, diet or put on a brave face saying that how you look and feel about yourself don't really matter.  IT DOES MATTER. A LOT.

BUT…there IS a better life waiting for you.

Now you CAN get your body out of your way, and Cash
in on your Spiritual TRUST fund!


Move Beyond Your Body Barrier™

Break Through to the Body, Love and Money You
Deserve in 150 days (or less)!

It's a powerful new combination of body transformation + wealth consciousness
 to help you make the money you deserve in a body you feel gorgeous in… so that you are radiant, unstoppable and ready to rock and roll in life, love and business !

Amanda engagedIf you are hiding behind excess weight to put off…

  • making money
  • quitting your job
  • doing your next big launch
  • getting new photos taken
  • public speaking
  • being authentically seen and heard
  • creating your business plan
  • dating and being intimate

Look at all the goodies you'll receive on the other side of YOUR Body Barrier™ !

  • Your Ultimate Wealth - tap into your "spiritual trust fund" and the infinite abundance of the Universe – it's waiting for you!
  • Your Ultimate Body - the beautiful body you were born to live in and be proud to show off to the world
  • Your Soul Mate - the intimacy and companionship that makes your new life even more abundant when you share it
  • Your Legacy - The mark you want to leave on the world and the difference you want to make.

Cate Brabson“Amanda brings together a wealth of information to combat these food ‘addictions’ by combining a nutritional underpinning with a spiritual and psychological perspective. What I found most enjoyable was how each session seemed personalized to my unique needs. Amanda sought the answers for my complex, personal circumstances. If you are willing to dig deep, you will be shocked at what you find.”

Cate Brabson, Park City Utah, USA


Andrea Bernstein

“Your whole being approach awakened an understanding in me like never before. More than cleansing the physical body, you have reminded me how important it is to shed my old limiting beliefs and emotional baggage; to nurture myself and focus on living fully, in every aspect of my life. I now realize that nourishment comes from more than just the food I eat; it is in my relationships, my work and how I care for myself, both physically and spiritually. You are an incredible light! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me to shed more than pounds.

Andrea Bernstein, Salt Lake City Utah


Tara Alred"Amanda has helped me change a few decades of beliefs in six months.  This journey with Amanda has been invaluable.  She has given me the tools to continue making progress and feeling joy and peace in my life.  Amanda has helped me learn how to love and appreciate myself.  I have lost 20 pounds working with Amanda and I feel amazing!  My cravings and self criticism are gone.  When I walk by a mirror I no longer see the flaws in my body I now smile and acknowledge the amazing person I am.  If I make the choice to eat something sweet or processed I no longer beat myself up over it.  Amanda has taught me how to bring balance and peace into my world.  I am happy and confident that I will continue to be successful.  Thanks Amanda!"

Tara Alred, Salt Lake City, Utah


Sherri Candland

"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda a year ago. When I look back on where I was then and how I feel today, the difference is unbelievable!

Amanda has a gentle, yet confident way of helping a person strip away unnecessary insecurities while implementing new, positive mantras and habits to help move forward in life.

With her guidance, I was able to quit smoking, cut down on alcohol consumption, but most importantly, she taught me that it was ok to really like yourself-which I do!

Amanda listens completely and speaks with her eyes and her heart- knowledge expands way beyond her years. She is an old soul with intentions of solid gold-I would not trade the time and money I spent with her for anything!"

Sherri Candland, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Here is Your personal Invitation to join me for my groundbreaking program:

Move beyond your Body Barrier™
Break Through to the body, love and money you desire and deserve in 150 days or less!

Six months of individualized body transformation and wealth consciousness coaching with Amanda Moxley.

This Special Package Includes:

  • 6 months of Customized Coaching = 18 customized private ONE-ON-ONE coaching calls (60 minutes each) with Amanda Moxley (3 calls a month)
    Value: $9,000
  • 6 monthly group topic calls on moving beyond your body barrier to start making the money and finding the love you deserve and desire. Includes members-only private forum, mp3 audios and monthly guidebooks. These calls are high content coaching calls rich in value, inspiration and motivation -- and they’re fun too! You’re going to love it!
    Value: $2,880
  • One Day Live VIP Body Barrier Retreat Intensive Day with Amanda. This retreat will be completely devoted to your body and soul transformation. We will dive into all areas of your life -- including the foods you’re eating, the thoughts you are thinking, the challenges and  resistance you have to attaining and maintaining your ideal body – and as a result, create more abundance, ease and flow in your life than you can imagine. You will walk away from the Body Barrier™ Intensive day with a customized, focused blueprint for how to get you exactly where you want to be.
    Value: $2,997
  • Food Sensitivities Testing and Profile - This scientific lab test can change your life. Food sensitivities can occur at any age, triggering many different symptoms such as gas and bloating, skin issues, fatigue, anxiety and weight gain. (You may be shocked at what this test will reveal about the effects certain foods have been having on you without your even knowing it!)
    Value: $497
  • Monthly accountability - tracking forms to record your progress, refine your goals and go after your dreams in a measurable way.
  • An environment of amazing women: They'll not only inspire you, by "going for it" in every area of their lives, but they believe in you and see you as your best self, your highest potential – so you can too. It's said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. When you meet regularly and have the support of high-level friends like these, you will be unstoppable!
  • Membership in the private Move Beyond Your Body Barrier Forum. All through your journey, you'll nurture a strong connection to an exclusive “tribe” of women in this members-only online community. It's your safe haven, to share your intentions, goals, recipes, get support and be held accountable to your vision and action plan!
  • WELCOME KIT delivered to your home and online, including:
  1. Food Sensitivities Lab Kit to test for over 60 food allergens
  2. Amanda Moxley’s 2 raved about e-books
  3. Specialized food and body journal format sheets
  4. The Wheel of Transformation
  5. You’ll also receive a Complimentary Pass into the 21 Day Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse Program
  6. 22 Tips for When a Craving Hits
  7. Body Barrier Quiz - can be taken weekly
  8. ...and so much more!
    Value $997

Total Program Value= $16,497

Your investment: only $9997
or Payment Plan ($3,000 down payment + 5 payments of $1800)

Pay Now

Why should you listen to me?

Amanda as a childI started building my own Body Barrier brick by brick when I was very young.  As a kid I was teased for being fat. So I did what fat people did. I ate and ate… and continued the self-fulfilling prophecy. I felt fat and unattractive.

It was just the beginning of years of emotional eating, struggles with food, exercise obsessions, guilt and shame around what I ate…wanting to honor my body as a temple while continually sabotaging myself -- gorging on pizza and beer (in college) and sweets and "bad" carbs the rest of the time.

Even though along the way I met the man who would become my husband, I still wasn't happy with my life or with myself, no matter how hard I tried.

And I also noticed that the right careers and the money I knew I could make were eluding me too.  That was when I first started to think…could there be a connection between what I was doing to my body and what was showing up – or not—in my life?

Amanda in college I didn’t want to drag my body and food issues into my new life and relationship. I knew they would screw them up too, just like they had other times I’d gone for things I cared about.

So I took a job at a tiny mom and pop health food store making juice and preparing live food all day, being mentored by the owner. (She was so radiant and alive, I knew I wanted what she had!)

I discovered that after all those years of pizza and beer, I absolutely loved nurturing myself and others with pure, live juice.  I felt strong, balanced, beautiful, radiant, alive and free for the first time in my life.  Soon, I was learing more and more about nutrition, doing cleanses and using my own body as a laboratory to see what foods .  I felt like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon...radiant, pure, beautiful, free, connected and alive -- it was like finally meeting the "real me."

Amanda with her dadAnd I wasn't that ugly little girl after all.

Instead of crying over my body, I wanted to cry with joy.

Thus began my journey into a deep-dive self-directed education in nutrition, healing, spirituality, creativity, abundance, manifestation, yoga, co-creating, trust and freedom.

And it was also the beginning of my life's purpose to bring what I had learned to other women - and how you can heal your whole life by healing your body – not just release the weight, but to receive the abundance in love and money that’s just bursting to come in!

DancingI drew the line in the sand and declared that I was done with the hand to mouth, scarcity drama survival freak out cycle I had been in and made an enormous leap in my business.  I went from my lowest income month of $230 to over $13,700 in one month! And have since had months where I've made over $30k consistently.

And don't even get me started on how things improved in the bedroom!

I’ve started a movement to empower women globally to stand in their power with money in a body they feel radiantly, energized and alive in.  

Want ALL the juicy details? Here's your roadmap for each month of your Move Beyond Your Body Barrier – Break Through to the Body, Love and Money you Desire Program!

Andrea Despain“After years of learning about exercise and nutrition, and gaining all this intellectual knowledge about how to live a healthy, thin and powerful life, Amanda helped me to have the experience that brought all that knowledge from my head, to my heart. Before that, I was unable to put into practice the knowledge I had gained. Her guided visualizations really brought home the messages my body were sending to me. Once I was able to calm down and listen to what my body was telling me, all that knowledge made sense in a very real and personal way. I would invite anyone willing to dig deep, and work hard to give this a try. It's magical and amazing. And Amanda's motivational spirit is completely uplifting and infectious!”

Andrea Despain, Portland, Oregon USA

Here are the awesome and juicy components of the 
Body Barrier™ program: 

Month 1:  Transform Your Body and Money Story to make way for the money you deserve and desire in a body you feel gorgeous in

  • Dive deep into the transform your food and money story guidebook for profound insights and breakthroughs on your unique body and money story
  • Discover your money theme and your beliefs about money to unleash your spiritual inheritance
  • Say “yes” to wealth and radiant health

Month 2:  Cleansing and Creating Space for Your Ultimate Body and Ultimate Wealth

  • rejuvenatingI’ll lead you through a potent 4 day rejuvenating living foods cleanse experience to release toxins, excess weight, negative emotions and limiting beliefs while uplifting and energizing your entire being in a way that will reconnect you to your Spirit.  Be ready for your Spirit to soar!
  • This cleanse will inspire you to let go of the “old you” in order to make space for the “new you” to manifest.  You’ll go on a decluttering, cleansing mission of your house, car, office, kitchen, closets etc., releasing the old.  This process is unbelievably energizing and liberating!
  • Get your money affairs in order - guidebook and coaching questions using my simple 7 step process to financial freedom

Month 3: Visualize to Materialize your Ultimate Body and Ultimate Wealth

  • field of flowersYou’ll create a clearly defined energizing intention as well as your big bold juicy goal for your program.
  • I’ll guide you through a visualization to meet your future Radiant Self. This Vision will powerfully pull you forward into your light body and will give you the answers you need to know about what foods make you soar, the exercises your body desires, the thoughts that fuel your spirit, and the work and creations you are meant to manifest now.
  • You’ll have space for your creativity to come alive by tapping into your passion so that you can radiate success and prosperity in your career
  • We’ll strengthen our bond as a community by sharing, listening, learning, believing and seeing everyone for who they truly are in their highest potential

Terah Murphy“By balancing my physical body, I was then able and willing to work on my hearts desire for the transformation to my true authentic self. You guided me on a true emotional and spiritual path of recovery and discovery. You showed me how to habituate some processes where I was able to release a lifetime’s worth of anger, fear and resentment and in turn attract loving thoughts, loving people and things into my life. I am now able to be present in my own life in a happy, joyous way. I am free. I am claiming my peace and my authentic life. I am forever grateful.”

Terah Murphy Sun City, Kansas, USA

Month Four:  Breathe in Your Abundance and Worth to Shed Pounds

field of flowersThis month is all about breathing life into your vision and having the space to allow your Vision to manifest.

  • Learning how to consciously breathe is one of the very best skills I can teach you.  When you learn to breathe you connect directly to your Spirit.  Fear, anxiety, doubts, lack, worries, etc can NOT live in an oxygenated body.  Giving yourself one month to breathe may be the best gift you’ve ever received.  It will add quality years to your life, while giving you happiness, peace and unbounded clarity and freedom.
  • I’ll teach you several different pranayama breathing exercises which you can use for energizing you in the morning, rejuvenating you in the afternoon and relaxing you in the evening so that you can sleep like a baby.
  • Focus on being, doing and then having a wealth consciousness mindset to be in your power all of the time and claim your money desires and dreams

Month Five:  Embracing the Feminine in your Body and Bank Account

AmandaIn our fifth month, it’s time to embrace your feminine, yin energy to create a beautiful work, life and body balance.  You as a woman have an innate gift of intuition, receptivity, allowing, being, creating and a deep inner knowing.  The problem is most of us are operating too much in our masculine or male energy all of the time.  This leaves you exhausted, burned out, resentful, stressed and struggling to get everything done.  When we always say “yes” to everything and put others’ needs in front of our own we feel empty and no wonder our business is not thriving or our relationships are not as good as we wish them to be or our bodies are over weight.

This month...

  • You’ll practice receiving, allowing and being in order to allow abundance, new opportunities and ease to manifest in your life, creativity and body.
  • You’ll stop pushing, planning, stressing and start allowing while moving from your center, confidently and powerfully.
  • I’ll guide you through a powerful meditation to awaken, restore and allow your feminine energy to easily move through you creating more ease and flow in your life.
  • I’ll teach you a myriad of unique ways you can use to easily tap into your feminine yin energy to be able to manifest windfalls of abundance, unlimited creativity in your own unique and brilliant way.

Month Six:  Love Your Body to Bring in the Dough

Get ready for a big breakthrough to your ideal body this month as we move into the “Love Your Body to Bring in the Dough” module.  This month is all about shifting the negative body image you may be clinging to from adolescence (or somewhere on your journey) to align with your Vision and your future radiant body.

  • I’ll lead you through a body and life changing “love your body” guided visualization that will unlock years of body hate and set you on track to fully embracing the body of your dreams.
  • This dramatic shift in thought and feeling will easily allow your true essence to shine.  Unwanted excess weight will melt away.  You’ll feel lighter, happier, and stronger and more at ease in your body than you ever have.
  • By loving your body, you’ll eat differently, move differently and even think differently. (This awareness has the potential to shift everything for you!)
  • Get ready to be authentically seen and increase your visibility and bring in the dough!

Once you make this necessary energetic shift, your life will unfold in a magical and beautiful way and you’ll open to ease, flow, abundance and grace without pushing or struggling.  Sounds good right?

imagineImagine you could actually release the fat that’s holding you back from being the powerful woman you are with a message to help heal the world!

Wouldn’t that change your confidence level and help you bring in more money?

And imagine when 80% of the energy you once used obsessing over your body and body image gets channeled into your passions to make more money…

Can you already see why you will NOT be the same person after this experience??

This transformational Body and Money program is for you if you have:

  • Amanda in HawaiiBeen hiding from money by being overweight
  • Self worth and deservability issues
  • Seen successful people on stage, online, at events or on TV and thought that could be YOU!
  • Used food or your body/ body image to stop you from going after your dreams or making the kind of money you really want to make
  • Desired to heal your relationship with money to bring more of it in

Molly Jack

“Through my work with Amanda, I not only made strides in my weight loss goals, but I gained a better understanding of how my state of mind and my relationships with others affects my relationship with food. Amanda helped me stop judging my food as good or bad, but instead motivated me, to make choices that left me feeling energized and in control. She is both honest and empathetic in her approach and is truly a pleasure to work with.”

Molly Jack, Attorney, Manhattan, New York, USA


Janee Kalikakis

“Before working with Amanda I beat myself up about everything. Did I eat the right thing? I'm not losing weight, I need to exercise more, I need to go, go, go! Amanda helped me realize that I am beautiful just how I am. I learned to slow down and enjoy the fact that I have healthy food on my plate, I have a great shape and look great. I really think about what my attitude is going to be for each day and try to not let myself have negative thoughts. I’ve learned to let go and just be. I can truly say that because of the sessions I've had with Amanda I'm a better person inside and out.”

Janee Kalikakis, Mortgage Broker, Sandy, Utah USA


Chelsea Malouf,
Currently in the Body Barrier™ Program

What's the investment for this incredible, life-changing program?

Here's an even better question: If you know what to do, but you're just not doing it…if you've tried every diet on the market…if struggling on your own just isn't working…

Ask yourself: Are you going to allow yourself to start ANOTHER year with the body and life that you're living with now?

If you're finally done with all that, and ready to make a real change starting NOW, invest in yourself and enroll in the experience of a lifetime!

Move Beyond Your Body Barrier in 6 Months

FULL PAY: $9,997  (Best deal!)

Hurry! Only three spaces left!

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$1,800 monthly payment plan
( $3,000 down + 5 payments of $1800.00 )

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phoneStill have questions? Let's talk! CLICK HERE to schedule a free exploratory session with Amanda where she'll answer all your questions and help you decide if the Move Beyond your Body Barrier program is right for you!

Amanda MoxleyI can't wait to take this amazing journey with you!

In Love and Radiance,



Jessica Stahle“Working with Amanda for the past six months was an amazing catalyst for my personal growth! Before she joined me on my path, I rarely took the time to really look into what nurtured me. I assumed that nourishment came from the food I ingested. What I came away with was a deeper understanding of how by enriching all aspects of my life, I felt more satisfaction than any meal (no matter how sinfully delicious or wholesome it may be) could bring.

Our weekly meetings helped me to establish a solution-focused frame of mind. Setting intentions every week helped to ground me on my journey. Amanda's insightful guidance helped me to find what my body, mind, and spirit were communicating.”

Jessica Stahle, Mother and Student Midwife. Salt Lake City, Utah USA


Angela Johnson“To see Amanda talk her talk and walk her walk is very inspiring. She was a source who inspired me to take affirmations more seriously and totally get into how powerful they are. She assisted me with giving myself permission to have some down time and to pamper myself. The gifts I give myself start the ripple of the gifts I give to the world, because I know how to be whole and balanced now. Thank you Amanda for your patience, listening ear and inspiring support.”

Angela Johnson Salt Lake City, Utah