Being an entrepreneur, coach or healer today is awesome. You can work from anywhere, and help people all over the world…

BUT… !

Sometimes, do you wonder if we’re not making it all just a bit too complicated???

With all the click-funnel-this and automated-that everyone says you MUST have, it can really get in the way of any authentic human connection. It can turn people into numbers and stats.

(And frankly, I think a lot of people hide behind the technology so they won’t have to deal with actual humans!)

A lot of my clients agree that technology can place a frustrating barrier between you and your clients.

So why not skip all that (well most of it, anyway) and talk directly to your people? Well, you can. And it’s simple.

I’m talking about public speaking (on your own stage, or someone else’s).

The fact is, I’ve found that speaking is the absolute best way to get the best clients. And it’s the most low-tech, and the most FUN…if you happen to like people better than computers.

(And even if you do it virtually, like a webinar, that is the best use of technology IMO, because it lets people experience the real YOU.)

….and it was the simplest strategy of them all. It never goes out of style.  And I know you can do it too.

Want to talk to me about it 1:1?   Apply for your free session here!

Listen, if you provide any kind of service (like a coach, consultant, trainer, healer…) then you can definitely use speaking to attract perfect, soul-mate clients who will gladly pay you premium rates. (After all, they’ve seen you on stage so they know you’re the expert.)

And you don’t need any tech to do it!  Or be a professional “keynote” speaker.

(Heck, when I first tried speaking, I made my previous yearly income in just a couple of days!! WTF?! )

But I get it: right now you may not know what to say, or how to structure your talk, or what you’d even offer an ideal client, even if they rushed the stage after you finished, begging to work with you.

So let’s talk about that, shall we?

I want to get on a call with you for 55m where we will begin to map all this out for you. I have a system I call The Moxley Method™ that makes it step-by-step simple!

Apply for your free session here!  

Look, technology and automation are awesome. But sometimes it’s just faster, better and way more profitable to cut to the chase, and just f*in’ talk to people!

I want to help you do that more powerfully and strategically, so you have a flood of ideal clients lining up to pay you top dollar for your brilliance.

If that sounds good (and it should!) book your call here!

PLEASE NOTE: The session is free and there is no obligation. At the same time, I ask that you respect both our time and only apply for a call if you are serious about learning to use speaking as a way to attract clients that pay you four figures and above…serious enough to consider investing in yourself to make it happen. OK

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