It’s true. While I was in labor… I made a sale!!

It’s not that I was on the phone wheeling and dealing as I was birthing my beautiful daughter/queen/goddess into this wonderful world this past Monday.

It’s that I was contacted by someone in Canada DESPERATE to get into my Healthy & Wealthy Biz School for Coaches (that kicked off last week). She was worried it was too late.

Of course (between pushes!) I let her in. She can catch herself right up with the recordings. But it made me think… there are probably more coaches, wellness practitioners and healers out there just like her.

People who either didn’t find out about HWBS in time, or who just didn’t “get it” until right NOW how life-changing six months of nuts-and-bolts training, inner work and accountability could be for their business.

Just imagine — instead of chasing clients and money, having them come to YOU – even when you’re doing other things (like enjoying your life… travelling… or even having a baby!)  AND making more of an impact on the world while you make more money too.

If you want to claim this blessing for yourself, go here NOW and join us!

I am all wrapped up in my new arrival, but I  don’t want YOU to fall through the cracks!


P.S. Think you don’t have time? If I can run a six-figure business while enjoying a great life with my husband, raising a child AND having a baby, SO CAN YOU! Let me show you how!

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