I often get asked by clients what makes some heart-centered women entrepreneurs “pop” in their biz while others flatline and fail.

It’s not always obvious. After all, on the surface, their biz ideas and skills can look the same. So what’s the diff?

After working with thousands of biz owners I’ve found that it’s what you can’t see that’s the best predictor. 

(Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about that AND giving you my very own 6-figure blueprint – the one I used to go from zero to 6 figures and STILL use today – on my FREE training. Go HERE to grab your seat and your blueprint!)

Right now, take this simple 6-question quiz to see if you’ve got what it takes. (Score yourself below. No cheating!)

When it comes to making decisions, I ____

a. make sure I’ve explored every option, and then wait for the right choice to present itself
b. take action now with the info I have, and deal with the results later
c. change my mind, sometimes several times, when I learn new information
d. avoid making the decision and let circumstances take their course – it’s usually for the best 

How do you feel about asking for money for your services?

a. It depends on how much I’m asking for and how confident I feel
b. I just see it as a fair exchange of value and energy between people
c. I worry that I’m charging more than I should
d. I’d rather work for free than have to ask for money 

When I get up in the morning I ____

a. decide what I will do that day based on how I feel
b. have a detailed plan for the day designed to bring in money
c. check my email to see what needs to be handled right away
d. Get up?!  Why be an entrepreneur if you can’t hit the snooze button? 

My business is based on ______

a. my passionate desire to be of service
b. a proven model that I know works
c. what I see other people like me doing
d. my awesome talent that is a gift to the world 

When it comes to online business, I am

a. allergic to technology, I just want to help people
b. ready to learn what matters and skip or delegate the rest
c. always excited to check out the latest online tools and social media
d. not that interested, most of my biz comes from referrals and live networking 

My vision for my biz is

a. making enough to get out of debt and pay the bills, with a little left over
b. making great money doing what I love with total freedom
c. doing as well as some of the well-known gurus I see
d. having people lined up to work with me just because I’m awesome

Ok, ready? 
Here’s your score: 

Mostly a: Heart-trepreneur You care so much about people, you’ve forgotten you’re in business. Your passion is awesome, but you need a plan to help you learn to generate and receive money for what you offer the world. A proven blueprint will provide the structure that will turn your dream into a real business.

Mostly b: JFDI Warrior Goddess! You are a take-action kind of gal and understand that you need more than desire and talent to succeed. You are ready to do whatever it takes AND enjoy the rewards. A blueprint will only make your biz POP that much bigger and faster!

Mostly c: Reactra-preneur  You look outside yourself for all your answers and direction. You need to trust in your own value and stick with something long enough for it to get results. A proven blueprint will give you the confidence and the structure you need to stop comparing, and start soaring!

Mostly d: Too Cool for School Maybe you’ve got mad skills and a kickass resume, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to market yourself or learn how to do business online. Being an entrepreneur does mean freedom but you’ve got to take serious action too. A blueprint will help you direct your activity so the world can discover your awesomeness.

However you came out, I want to give you something that will help — my proven blueprint for success that helped ME pop my biz from next to zero to six figures!

Join me TOMORROW for this training that is SURE to help you explode your biz this year! And be sure to invite your friends, colleagues and soul sisters!

Remember –it’s taking action that counts…click the link!! 

Abundantly yours,


P.S. Don’t worry if you didn’t score as high as you wanted. You don’t have to change your personality, just the way you’re doing and seeing things in your biz.  The beauty of my blueprint is that it works for all kinds of people– I’ve seen it in my clients.  Join me and get your very own 6-figure blueprint tomorrow!!

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