I’m hanging in the beautiful Bahamas. And my biz continues to hum along and bring in income. 

Before you hate me, or think I’m somehow special, know it wasn’t always like this. 

When all I did was coach one-on-one, and I had to be working all the time to keep making money (if my clients paid me at all) I had neither the money, nor the time, to even take a day off, let alone live my life like this.

When I was convinced that I had to do everything in my biz from scratch, and all by myself, this was not even in the realm of possibility.

What made the difference?

Well, first, I had to give myself permission for this to be SIMPLE and EASY. (I was brought up to believe that only my sweat, toil and suffering deserved to be rewarded. Now I know that the value I bring to my clients is NOT a function of the time I spend at the grindstone but about the transformation I help them create).

But once I got the mindset stuff figured out, I discovered it was all about SYSTEMS.

If you’ve done something more than once in your business, there’s a way to make it a repeatable system. And only by doing that –working “on” your business — can you free yourself from working in your business 24/7.

I have a system for onboarding clients, getting my emails written, delivering my programs, doing my social media, speaking on stages, everything. I have systems for my personal life too. (I better, with two young children!)

A system means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you make an offer or make lunch for your kids.

A system means you can repeat what works, and STOP doing what doesn’t.

A system means there’s no wasted effort, and no wasted time trying to figure things out, because you’ve already decided how you do it.

A system means your clients feel safe and supported because you know the way.

Most of all — a system means SOMEONE ELSE can do it, or at least can do all the parts you don’t absolutely have to do yourself.

This is how I get to run my business from an island in the sea — and make more money while I’m away than I used to do in a whole year of sweat equity and (I’ll admit it ) martyrdom (I was a Bikram yoga teacher and Social Worker/Therapist after all!!

At this point you may be saying, “But Amanda, the things I do with clients are different every time! I can’t systematize how I work with them!”

I love you, Amanda….but you’re WRONG!

99.9% of my clients once thought this, until I showed them how simple and easy it could be to identify their signature system.


I want to GIVE you part of the signature system training I use with my paying clients, so you can start to see that you DO have a way you help people that can be made into a system.


Go here to download it!

This will get you started and help you see that yes, you DO have a system. You just never noticed it before.

Of course, this is just the first step to setting yourself free in your business. But it’s an important first step!

Download the Signature System mini worksheet now!

I want you to have the freedom to live your life that I do. First, give yourself permission to let it be simple and easy. Then, get yo’self some SYSTEMS!


Most people are just too close to their own business to see how what they do can be a signature system. If you’d like my help figuring out yours, so that you can work less, make more and get and even bigger transformations for your clients sitting on the beach than when you bust your #$!! …then book a session with my team and we’ll see if my done-with-you mentorship program is a fit for you.

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