If you’re like a lot of the high-achieving women I work with, you may be something of a perfectionist.

Meaning, you know how you like things done, from how your emails are written to exactly how and when to shop for your favorite groceries. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having high standards.

And YET….

Some things may not need to be perfect. And they certainly don’t need to be done by YOU.

Not everything deserves your energy, attention and time. Especially since those precious resources are so limited.

“But,” you say, “ it takes longer to show someone else how to do it than it is to just do it myself.”

I hear you. I used to be that way too. Then I noticed that the things I said would “only take a minute” usually ended up eating up hours or even days.

I sat down and figured out what my time was actually worth in terms of dollars.

And it dawned on me that in reality, I was PAYING a high-priced employee (ME!!) to clean my house, wait in line to buy stuff, delete junk emails and do other things that someone else could do for a LOT less, while I did things that made me money in my business.

If you’re still doing personal and business tasks that aren’t worth your valuable time, you probably have not done this math yet. That’s why I want to GIVE you the calculator I use with my own clients.

Go here to download my hourly rate calculator!

When my clients use this tool, they see what their time is really worth per hour: $200? $500? $5000?

When you give a 45-90m signature talk (like my students do ) where you can routinely enroll 3-5 clients into your signature program every time you speak, at thousands of dollars apiece…well, you do the math!

Now do you get how INSANE it is to essentially pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour for tasks that are only worth $10- $35 max?

There are even companies like Fiverr and Taskrabbit full of people waiting to do this stuff for you, at those rates.

Are you being your own “taskrabbit”? STOP IT!!

You can’t deliver your unique value to the world when you are busy doing things that anyone could do. (And honestly, does every social post need to be masterpiece written and posted by you? )

Of course, it’s so easy to let your time get eaten up by unimportant things and other people’s agendas, when you don’t have a clear roadmap for what you SHOULD be doing every day to move your business and message forward. (I teach my students that f*in FOCUS is KEY and non-negotiable!)

When you know how much your time is worth, you jump out of bed eager to do the things that only you can do and that have the greatest impact as a speaker, coach and human.

You’re worth having that kind of life and biz!


If you want my help to know exactly what to do (and what NOT to do) every day, and stay on track UNTIL you have that client-getting signature talk, a transformational program you love, and a system to get on stages and make sales like clockwork… then we should talk.

Book a free session here, and we’ll see if my program “Speak Your Way to Success with the Moxley Method” makes sense for you.

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