I am SO excited to announce my new weekly show on FB Live!

(It’s happening in our group, so if you’re not a member, go here NOW!)

We’ll be going live every week with some new tips, strategies for speaking, niche clarity, sales, signature systems and especially some JFDI mojo to help you achieve the life and business of your dreams!

We’ll be talking mindset hacks & speaking strategies you can use on a daily basis to raise your vibe more and more every day, and make you a manifesting MACHINE! I’ll also be doing a bit of Q&A for those who attend live.


Now, I know there’s plenty of GREAT content on the internet. Some of it is even mine. So why am I doing this? 

Because I have found, in my own experience and that of my clients, is that all the content in the world won’t help you if you don’t build a #bulletproof MINDSET, and keep your vibration HIGH to receive all of the systems and strategies you’re implementing in your business.

And that takes ongoing and repeated PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE, not just passive “study”. So I’m giving you a dose of much-needed JFDI juice every week!

Listen, if you’ve consumed any online courses or free webinars (and you may have consumed a LOT) you already know that information and TRANSFORMATION are two very different things. If all you get is the first, you’ll be waiting a long time if EVER to get the second.

I want to give you BOTH! And you won’t only be getting energy from me but from all the great women in our group who are in it to win it. (They’re all like you, in various stages of building a heart-centered A player business that attracts a steady stream of ideal, soul-mate clients through inspiring speaking. )

And honestly, I need you there too. Because no matter where we are on our journey, we ALL need each other, and to uplift each other, because no one does this alone.

So will I see you Wednesday for the show at 10 am MST/ 12 pm EST?

Here’s what I’ll be covering on my debut show!

Finally Narrow, Nail and Claim Your Niche Now!

Here’s the link to where we’ll go live!

(Hint: tap “get reminders” so you’ll never miss a show! )

If you want to talk privately about how you can get my help creating your signature talk and the program that naturally springs from it, and sign up 3-5 clients with every talk, go here! 

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