Yesterday’s debut FB live show was off-the-charts awesome!!

Missed it? No worries, I’ve got your back!

Come by my FB biz page and catch the replay straight away

Here’s what you’ll learn in this value packed video training:

  • How much time to give yourself to nail your niche (the answer will surprise you!)
  • The real reason you haven’t nailed your niche and what to do instead
  • Hear case examples of some of Amanda’s “A player” clients who finally decided to nail their niche and go big in their biz!
  • Get Real & Get Rich. The true cost of NOT nailing your niche (get ready to get in #JFDI action after this!)
  • The top 3 niches that are HOT right now and the subcategories within these hot-to- trot niches that will help you stand OUT as THE go-to-expert in your field (and get paid like one!)
  • A quick and easy 3 step process to nail your niche NOW
  • Bonus- join Amanda in her signature DESIRE -DECIDE-CLAIMING IT NOW Dance PARTY!

Watch the replay on my FB Biz page

And if you can do me a favor and interact with me when I ask questions in the video and add your comments, ask your questions and I especially LOVE the LOVE heart button, I’d appreciate that! I always reply to comments and I love engaging with you. 🙂

Your future self is calling and she’s begging you to STEP UP and claim your niche now. Will you answer the call?

We’ve got just a few months left of 2018, apply for a breakthrough session with me and one of my coaches if NOW is your time!

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