Whatever you tolerate or think is your normal is creating your results- good or bad.

I get it the vast majority of people are content with a simple comfortable and mediocre life but that’s not US!

You want more.

You want it all and you know you can have it.  

But will you give yourself permission to really GET it?

Will you really let yourself ASK for what you want? Or do you feel bad asking and feel that you’re not worth it or that you don’t deserve it?

The outside world will never validate you. The entire material matrix is set up from the day you were born to make you feel like you will never be pretty enough, thin enough, cool enough, rich enough, smart enough or have enough!

The last time I went to the mall, I looked around and saw that all of IT was a fabricated fake illusion to make US feel like we are not enough. The illusion wants you to believe that if you BUY more you will be MORE. F’ that shit.

My worth, my beauty, my value comes from WITHIN. Teach your daughters. Guard your children.

Back to my message of the day. If you want success and you want it all, you have to get real with what you are tolerating and allowing as normal.

Your “normal” is creating your results.

Want new results? Create a #newnormal.

It’s time to be #unapologetic matter of fact that you are here on Earth for such a time as THIS to be a Super F’in Nova.

When you’re bogged down in the mundane munitia of your normal struggles. Tampering with what is NOT working, you’re not living your purpose nor your passion.

Today is the day to RISE up and sit on the THRONE of your OWN LIFE.

Stop wrassling with your struggles.

Surrender them to God.
Give it all to God.
Turn it ALL over to God.

Make your struggles with money, food, business etc a “non issue”.

Rise UP today.

Go to a higher place of purpose and passion where you are inspiring, leading, influencing and serving the world with your mission



P.S. What’s one tiny thing you have been tolerating as normal that you are no longer available to tolerate? Share in the comments below… mine is not prioritizing my creation and writing. I know that when I wake up early, journal and write a message such as this I feel like I am being of SERVICE and living my purpose. But my normal is to NOT do this- until today.

P.P.S Post in the comments below if you know being consist is your #newnormal. XO

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