1. The farmer trusts that when she plants her seeds and nurtures them with intention, attention, water, time 13879289_10157452222200495_1209858719938700773_nand love they will HARVEST. It is natural law. Have faith in YOUR harvest. 🙂 It’s coming.

2. Water your seeds of intention every day by writing them down, reading them, speaking them out loud and calling them in.

3. Decide exactly what you want and give yourself permission to have it now.

4. Stop blocking yourself from claiming your desires. Be hyper aware of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions and cast out everything that is out of alignment with your vision as a sin.

5. Rest and relax into the BIG picture. Know that if you have the desire, your desire is the same as God’s desire for you and trust that it will be delivered to you in Divine Timing.

6. Give yourself time to imagine, dream and visualize. The Lioness is not hunting and running 24/7. She has time for play, frolicking and nurturing herself and her cubs.

7. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What are you insane about? Be smart and stop engaging in insane activities. Get the help you require and move forward fearlessly. Example: stop scrolling FB as a voyeur and instead use that time to create something valuable and then share it as the leader you are.

8. Stop wasting your time. Time is all we have. Use yours efficiently, fast and stay focused. I like to chunk my time into 3 segments; Creation Time (where I create without any distractions), Connection Time (where I connect with new relationships and nurture older ones), and Chillax time (this is my exercise time, family, friends and fun time).

9. Put your foot down. Don’t take any shit from yourself, your kids, your partner, your family, your team, your friends.Love yourself enough to have solid strong boundaries and communicate your feelings in a HEALTHY way in the moment.

10. Cleanse your environment every day for 20 minutes. Tidy up your work, home and life space to help you process, integrate , rest and get clarity to make your next move. Recycle everything that is not in alignment with the woman you are becoming.

11. Allow your powerful vision to pull you forward. The healthy wealthy YOU guided visualization! Meet and align with your future SELF so you can manifest all of your dreams into reality. Listen Here

12. Recharge your batteries every day by seeking deep solitude within your own soul. Go for a walk sans electronics, luxuriate in a sea salt lavender essential oil bath, lay out on the beach or the grass for at least 20 minutes a day. A lioness needs her “me” time!

13. Have a plan for each day for your inspired income generating action plan. At the end of each day, plan out your following work day so you know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Stick to it. For example, yesterday, I knew I was going to be with my kids today so I intended to wake up at 6am to get inspired and to write this article. I naturally woke up at 5:30 and got to work! The lioness knows where she will hunt tomorrow.

14. Release your attachment but be loyal to your intentions and desires. It’s not your job to figure out the “HOW”. If something isn’t working, refrain from having a temper tantrum and getting overly emotional about it. Stay steady, ready, open and focused on your desires and trust they will manifest in Divine timing.

15. Surround yourself with A players who know what they want and who are fiercely committed to their dreams and desires. Lift each other up. Believe and see them for who they are and breathe life into each others visions. You’re as strong or as week as the company you keep.


16. Show up and shine day in and day out no matter what. 95% of success is just showing up. It amazes me how many female entrepreneurs are strong starters but are horrible at sustaining their visions. They give up too early and hide in the shadows. If you stay visible, show up regularly, get out of your own way and be of service and value, I promise YOU will get what you want. Simple.

 17. Hold your cards right. You may not see yourself the way others see you but if you can show up confident and as the powerful bad ass woman you are, things will work out better than if you play small, insecure and not enough. Shine baby!!

 18. Be yourself. Waive your freak flag. Don’t try to be like everyone else. Individuate yourself from the crowd and be cool with being you, you’ll make bank!


Let’s do this!



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