Thoughts are Things!

By Amanda Moxley

In order to heal your money core, you must f’in focus your mind like a gold medal athlete. You can’t just go around with your same old beliefs and thoughts about MONEY!

brain - thoughts to speechThe National Science Foundation estimated that our brains produce as many as 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day!

Have you ever noticed that most of your thoughts THINK you? It’s called the monkey mind. That crazy mind chatter that spouts off NON-stop negative feedback all day and all night, for this reason ALONE you MUST learn to meditate.

Seriously people, we have a problem here!! I’ve read that we REPEAT 60% or more of the SAME THOUGHTS every day!

Most of us are not consciously CHOOSING to create our lives through the deliberate power of our thoughts, until TODAY!

In order to transform your financial future you must f’in focus your mind on what YOU desire vs what you fear. Are you up for the challenge? You better be!

So many women entrepreneurs SABOTAGE themselves because of thoughts and patterns that they don’t think they deserve money or that they are not worthy of success. Sound familiar?

I know you’re not consciously thinking this but these patterns and beliefs are buried deep with in!

It’s like you’re in a constant state of fear and anxiety that’s something “bad” is going to happen and you’re worried “when will the other shoe drop.”

Take a deep breath, dear heart.

You are worthy of every desire in your big heart. You are deserving of all of the riches, joy, freedom and LOVE you desire. And you can have it ALL.

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You my friend are the ONLY one standing in your way.

It starts with awareness.

1. Start to observe the thoughts that you are habitually thinking.

2. Replace these auto pilot thoughts with new empowered thoughts and beliefs about abundance and success.

 Here are some of my favs for you to chew on!

1. All of my needs are always abundantly met

2. Money easily flows through me and to me

3. I love money and money LOVES me

4. Money wants to get down MY pants!

5. I prosper wherever I turn

6. I always have more than enough money for all that I need

7. Money consistently flows to me and my business from numerous known and unknown sources

8. I am letting it in!

9. Money is ALWAYS here for me.

10. I am supplied for my today and for all of my tomorrows.

TC-38032-MainIconPick a couple of these and write some of your own out on note cards. Then repeat them in your mind over and over and until these THOUGHTS start to THINK you.

Take THAT monkey mind!

Have a great week!



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