There’s a myth that almost all coaches and consultants fall into. (I did!)

It’s the one that says that it’s easier to sell lower-priced programs than the high-ticket ones.

That you need to peddle $97 to $997 products for years and then maybe, if you’re “ready” you could sell a program for a little more.

There’s this idea that high-end clients are these rare unicorns, and you have to settle for a lot of lower-paying clients first.

I’m here to tell you this myth is completely UNTRUE.

And yet I labored for years under the false assumption (emphasis on LABOR) that I ‘had” to serve boatloads of clients in lower cost programs. I let them take months or even years to pay me, because that’s what I thought I could charge. Worse, I made it all about me, and I projected my own outdated $$$ story on to them, vs owning the VALUE of the transformation I provided for my clients (sound familiar?)

What I found is, the high-end clients are just as easy to enroll and serve as the lack-minded ones — if I’m honest, they’re actually easier.

Not only that, they are better as clients: they show up and do the work, accept their own responsibility, are coachable, get more results faster, and generally JFDI!

So, what if I told you that the method of getting clients like these is actually one of the simplest things you can do? Would you believe me? Would you be MAD? Or triggered?

The truth is, while it’s simple –and I think it’s fun — not everyone is willing to do it.

Speaking on stage (even a virtual stage like a webinar) is the best, fastest, simplest way to attract the kind of client that will pay you big bucks for the transformation you provide.

(Think about it: you’re speaking and laying out your strategic system that solves a burning problem they KNOW they have, they’re listening, which puts you in the authority position. They EXPECT to pay more to work with you because they see you as the go-to-expert who has been there, done THAT and solved the problem within your own self and now you can help them get what THEY want (NOW).

Plus when someone gives you an hour of their time, you know they have a real problem they’re willing to invest time and money to transform —  and they know it too.)

Look, I never thought of myself as a professional speaker. I don’t do keynotes at big corporations (though I guess I could if I wanted to). But when I started showing up on stages — even smaller ones like the “town center” at the ski resort in Alta, Utah — people saw me in a whole new way.

And immediately I started receiving and serving more higher-paying clients who were showing up and seeking me and the transformations I provided.

The first time I made a whole year’s in three days income (at an event I put on myself, for not even that many people) I was hooked!

So am I saying anyone can do this? Yes. But with two caveats:

  1. Not everyone will. (That’s to your advantage, because it makes you stand out.)
  2. You do need to have a talk that inspires and enrolls people… so that they don’t walk away saying, “that was nice” but instead run towards you, credit card and cash in hand!

If at this point you’re saying: “Yeah Amanda, but I don’t know HOW to put together a winning talk from A to Z that strategically positions me and my premium programs, let alone how to price and SELL a higher end program,” I’ve got your back!

I’m opening up some more slots for you to get on the phone with me or one of my Breakthrough Angel Coaches and start exploring –among other things — what your signature talk could be and how your talk can be the preview of your premium. higher- end. value- packed program that you’re IN LOVE with. (Here’s a hint: it’s based on your “seminar story” which makes this so much easier!)

Go here to grab your free Speaking Strategy Session!

The 55m call is free. Why? Because I want you to stop struggling and chasing after low-value, low income producing launches, programs and clients! And, because I know some people who take me up on it will want more help and expert guidance crafting their talk, and the amazing business that goes with it.  (My 90-day Moxley Method™ Speak Your Way to Success Program is a done-with-you program we’ll tell you about at the end if we think you can benefit.)

I was so triggered when I found out how easy getting the better clients could really be. I wished I’d discovered it sooner. I wasted years in needless struggle and stress. I don’t want this to happen to you. 

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