Ever since The Secret, manifesting has gotten totally misrepresented. Watching that movie, you’d think that ALL you had to do was just imagine and believe you could have what you wanted, and POOF! You’d instantly get it.

Naturally a lot of people were a little disappointed when they found out it doesn’t work that way!

You need to actually get up and DO something (I call it JFDI — you can figure out what the letter stand for 🙂

BUT – and it’s a big BUT…

I see a lot of women doing a LOT. These chicks are BUSY. They work hard.

They don’t expect the universe to hand them anything on a silver platter. They have the best intentions. They really REALLY want to help and serve people.

And yet….Their business still hasn’t “popped”.

That’s because the key to manifesting is not just action, it’s inspired action. You actually have to FEEL good while you’re JFDI-ing it, or it just won’t fly.

The truth is, you’re manifesting your reality right NOW with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. And trusts me: if your heart and your hands are in opposition, your heart will win every time.

So for example, if you’ve been reading my recent messages, then you “know” that speaking on stage (and on webinars and podcasts) is an amazing and practically instant way skyrocket your authority so that clients will reach out to work with you (instead of you having to “prove” yourself to them and beg for their business).  

You get it!

But if your feelings say:
“I could never do that. I’m too scared”
“Who’d listen to ME anyway?”
“Who am I to be on stage, I’m no celebrity “

… well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but you’ll NEVER do it. Your feelings want to keep you safe! They do that by keeping you small.

I’m here to tell you that you can only ever manifest ANYTHING in your life IF you learn how to master your thoughts and feelings and emotions so that they support you in the life that YOU want.

The bad news is, they will hold you back from all your dreams, no matter how hard you work.

The good news is, when directed the right way, they can also make amazing things happen for you with a lot LESS work than you are doing now!

I make a point of helping my clients create a bulletproof mindset, a rock-solid belief in themselves and an emotional vibration of joy and optimism — which turbocharges their ability to JFDI, create their signature talk and start signing up 3-5 clients every time they speak.

This mindset that makes manifestation possible is the very first thing we work on in my new Speak Your Way to Success with the Moxley Method™ program.

Can you see how this makes everything else not only possible, but easier and way more fun?

If you think your heart and mind have been standing in the way of your best life and your six-figure business, you’re not alone. The first step is awareness!

And if you know this, I want you to take the next step: get on the phone one-on-one with me (for free) where we’ll start to kick that stinkin’ thinkin’ to the curb.

Go here to book your breakthrough!

If it’s a fit, I’ll also give you the lowdown on my Speak Your Way to Success program and how it could help you.

(Of course, it’s not ALL mindset work– I  give all the how-tos of using speaking for your business, all my own templates and checklists … and even help you create your talk and all your materials, because it’s a complete done-with-you mentorship, not another online course).

Listen,  if you take away nothing else from this message, take this: if you’re going to be, do or have anything, you MUST get your thoughts, feelings and emotions working for you, not against you!

This is especially true for a business where you’re going to be speaking, impacting people in a big way…  and receiving lots of money!

I want to help. Let’s talk!!

Go here to book your breakthrough!

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