So much good stuff is happening this week! I’ve been working my bunz off behind the scenes on an all NEW 7 day End Your Money Drama challenge and I’d love to invite you to join me! Sign up here.Mermaid Love.jpg

This is a precursor to my soon to be released End Your Money Drama book which I am so excited about finally finishing! I’ve wanted to write this book for 3 years and NOW it’s in the final stages! Woo hoo!

I’m so passionate about helping women heal their money stories and really get on a cellular level that money comes from SOURCE and that you are loved, provided for, adored and cherished by both money and the divine. The belief in lack, scarcity and not enough must be healed now. It is no longer serving us as a collective consciousness; it’s time to RISE up sister!

I used to feel so much fear around money and I know many of you do as well. The LIGHTER you can feel about money and the less DENSE your energy is around it; the more the Divine energy flow of money can flow to you and through you.

I used to have tremendous fear storms in the middle of the night where I’d wake up around 3AM and be blasted and swallowed up by an all consuming rogue wave of fear. Have you ever had that?

Fear is man made. It is an illusion. Love is the only absolute. We were not made with a spirit of fear, but when it feels ALL encompassing and real how do you escape it?

You don’t! Instead you use the power of observation and discernment. You look at it without EMOTION!

For me, I’ve done SOOO much inner work and WC1™ (wounded child) work that I’m just no longer available to get sucked into the addiction of fear. I’m done with trying to figure out where it comes from, I’m done with analyzing my childhood wounds and feeling the emotions of it all.

Yes, I am a very sensitive and emotional person but it’s no longer serving me to FEEL it to heal it! Can you relate? Enough with the feeling and healing!

So what do you do instead? If you’re not already meditating 10 minutes a day, now is the time to start because meditation takes you to the observer’s mind. With the ability to watch, observe and see the emotion, you have the power of discernment. You can separate between what is real and unreal.

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The next time you get sucked into an emotional fear, anxiety or sad storm, you can chose to be unwilling to get sucked into the drama of it. You can talk to yourself and say “I’ve done enough processing, feeling, analyzing, blaming, worrying, etc of this emotion and I’m not longer available to go deeper into it. I love you. I’m grateful for you. I’m taking my power back. I’m going to observe you, breathe deeply and know that LOVE is my refugee. And then you can repeat an affirmation such as “I am the truth, I am the light, I am the way.” Or create your own affirmative prayer and repeat it some 400 times.

Give this a try this week and let me know how it goes!

And be sure to join me and thousands of women from around the world in my new Fun & Free 7 Day End Your Money Drama Challenge! Sign up here and please share the love with your friends, family, colleagues and soul sisters would could benefit from this sacred money challenge, forward them this email!

Love and Mermaid Kisses!

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