March 27, 2014 
Volume IX, Issue 220
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flowers in yard.JPGIt’s so springalicious around here lately! My trees are budding with possibility and a glimpse of what’s to come. As an emerging entrepreneur it may feel like.. “this is NOT WORKING” at times but then you start to SEE signs that YES this is working! I liken that to the blossoms in our yard. I started seeing signs of Spring in February and now every day it’s more apparent as mother nature awakens from her sweet winter slumber. 

The message here is .. watch out for signs that your BIZ is about to POP!Take note of the signs. Write them down and restore your FAITH in the barely seen that YOUR dreams and desires are coming to harvest because THEY ARE! Why would THEY NOT BE?

For every desire is being granted.amandahikiing.jpg


For a little extra kick in the booty, watch this week’s all new feature video on How to Make it as a Coach in 2014. It’s straight talking from my heart to your head!

Have you heard that I’m taking a select, core group of go-getters on a sacred and soulful biz journey to reach 50k (or more) in the next 5 months?

One of them could be YOU!! But first…we need to talk. 

(Yes, I’m talking personally to every qualified person who applies for the program – up to the first 10 ONLY. It’s THAT vital that it be the right fit for you — and vice versa!)

APPLY FOR YOUR “50k in 5 months Break Free Session” today!  

                                         Apply Here


Abundantly yours,



As I expand into my heart’s desires my clients and God expand with me. I am invincible. I am free!


 Featured Video: What it takes to make it as a coach in 2014

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