The secret to my sweet success is this: Surrender!

I know you have big GOALS, vision boards of yumminess and a desires journal you dream about and you want it all yesterday!

You know what YOU want and you know you can have it yet you get annoyed, frustrated and mad when you don’t see results!

Wayne Dyer said… “Infinite Patience creates Immediate Results” and he was right.

5 easy to get what YOU want Faster!

1. Be very clear with yourself and the Universe about what YOU desire, why and when. Example: know how many people you want in your coaching program, how much money you want to make this month, what your Soul Money goal looks like etc..

Don’t know your Soul Money Goal? Download this free guidebook and audio here.

2. Write down your goals and visions in a concise statement on a 5 X 6 note card and read, review and FEEL that this vision is coming true for you. Repetition is the mother of success! Read your card 2X a day or more!

3. Take massive INSPIRED JFDI (Just f’in do it) action. Listen to your intuition. When you hear something 3X or more that is a sign to contact that person or go to that place. Follow the signs and listen to your gut! If you ignore the signs and don’t take action you could MISS making your goals a reality.

4. Stretch out of your comfort zone. You can not become the healthy wealthy 6+ figure version of you by BEING the person you are BEING today. Write down 5 ways you can take action out of your comfort zone and DO THEM! Example: book the ticket, hire the coach, book the hotel suite, hire the assistant, follow up with client, send the email, create the report, go to the event etc.

5. Surrender it ALL to God, your angels, your guides, to heaven and to the Universe at large.  This is the MONEY step! Surrender allows you to LET GO and LET GODDESS. When you’re holding ON so tight, jaw biting fear worrying what will happen if it doesn’t work out you are BLOCKING yourself BIG time.

Go on a walk.. imagine that the Universe/heaven/ God is YOUR BEST FRIEND. The friend who never lets you down… the friend who is ALWAYS there for you and talk and GIVE it ALL to her! Have FAITH that what you want, WANTS YOU. Have faith in a benevolent LOVING all KIND universe.

Doing so will allow you to soften to get out of your own way and to LET IT IN!

Sweet Surrender is the SECRET to success.

Let yourself be loved, claimed and adored by the DIVINE.

Everything is working out beautifully for you now!



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