sonja“Pop Live should be called POP ROCKS!”

Attending Pop Live last September was BEYOND awesome.  Not only was I able to further heal my money story with Amanda’s Unlocking the Money Channels Magic, I was able to totally FOCUS on my dream of serving peeps around the world and welcome my first international client within WEEKS of attending the event!

Since attending POP, I have turned my dream into a reality and truly have a portable biz, working with my laptop and phone, connecting with clients across the U.S. and abroad.  Like I say, Pop Live should be called POP ROCKS because it ROCKS for a Fresh Betty like me who loves mountains and all things nature.

ParkCity is the premier location for an event like this where you see the expanse of mountains and sky and connect with soul sisters from around the world!

Don’t miss it, BE THERE or BE SQUARE!!

Sonja Ramos
The main Betty at Fresh Betty Lifestyle

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