Money Core was an unexpected internal power wash! Amanda is a family  lineage, money story healer.Presentation1

“I help others heal their love stories, partner with their match, and create their power couple desires, and I just started a lifelong dream business with my match in real estate revitalizing and investing. I found the stakes were even bigger where money is concerned in real estate, so I was looking for deeper work around money when Amanda’s Money Core program popped up.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of inner work spending mucho deniro to untangle my inner gorgeousness. This was a small investment that was just as transforming as anything else, because it’s simple, to the point, raw, truth seeking, and generational healing at it’s best–my favorite kind! You know it’s good when you witness transformation in all the bodies mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual, which untangle love and open us to more money.

What I uncovered in Money Core was a piece of my puzzle that once known made my whole entire life including the death of my husband make every bit of sense.”

Jodie Rodenbaugh


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