JiaNi-2013“Within the first month, I went from receiving less than $1K a month to making a $5K month!! I then went on to create my first $8K – and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!!

Amanda is a true gift and contribution to the Universe – my love and gratitude for her in my life is INFINITE. I came to Amanda terrified, stuck, and very much in the low vibration of lack. I knew I had a huge intuitive, spiritual, and mystical gift within me, but I never dared to own or receive from it. Amanda changed it all. Since I started working with her, my business has QUANTUM leaped!

A little about me + my biz: I am an intuitive & psychic gifted in clearing subconscious energetic blocks for people so that they can experience manifesting with much more power, grace and ease. Amanda helped me OWN my gifts and I am forever grateful! Combining Amanda’s highly effective business systems & abundance mindset with my wisdom around the energetics of the manifesting – it was manifesting a-go-go!

My coaching practice blossomed, now fully booked out weeks in advance!! For the first time, the clouds have parted. Within the first month of working together, I went from receiving less than $1,000 a month to making a $5,000 month!! I then went on to create my first $8,000 month – and on route to reaching six-figures by the end of the year!!!

The best thing? My heart-centered business has become a consistent stream of abundance that fully supports my being and my desired lifestyle. Amanda is a pure genius in laser focusing onto your limiting beliefs and calling them out, creating structures to support you, and holding a high vibration space so that you can end yo’ money drama, make more money, and POP in life + biz!!!

Jia Ni Teo
Business Intuitive & Soul Abundance Coach

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