1375873_10153433915195495_820660377_nI’m in the Bahama’s this week on a girl’s trip with 3 of my old time best friends (think 25 years)! I wrote this ezine on Sunday afternoon before I left because I had to share a new way to help you get out of fear fast.

If you’ve been following me awhile you know that I teach about how your WC1™ (wounded child) can stand in the way of your WC2 ™(wealth consciousness). It’s like you’re bringing your 5 year old self to work with you when you’re vulnerable and visible asking for the sale, putting out a new program, speaking or networking.  When you work for yourself, it’s a requirement to be vulnerable and visible otherwise you will never grow and stretch into your dreams.

Anywho… like I shared in the ezines over the last two weeks, I had a very powerful healing experience in Hawaii and I really felt like I was totally healed and transformed to the core (again).  But last week, to be totally transparent, my old fears came up after I put myself out there about my Finding the Pearl Within mini coaching program. I witnessed myself standing in my own way and really feeling nervous, insecure and vulnerable and like I would be rejected etc. Have you ever put yourself out there and then felt the same way?

Hawaii 1.jpgWell since we all know that we are very powerful manifesters and that our feelings and thoughts create our reality I knew I had to turn it around pronto!

Fear is something that we all feel. And it’s easy for fear storms to come on like a run away freight train and take you down. It can feel so invasive, all consuming and real but really it’s a fabrication of the ego. And whenever you are growing and stretching out of your comfort zone, fear will ALWAYS come up. You then get to learn how to dance and play with it so that you RULE the fear, and it doesn’t rule you.

Whenever you’re in the midst of a fear storm, STOP and meditate immediately. Blisscipline yourself to give yourself this GIFT. If you don’t go within, you go without.

Then make a definite decision to STOP feeding the fear thoughts. The fear thoughts are like a pack of mean wild dogs. Stop feeding them!

Are you even aware of your fear thoughts? Here’s the breakthrough exercise I’m so excited to share with you! Grab your journal and make a list at the top… These are my OLD Fear thoughts and then make a list of at least one page of all of the fear, anxiety, doubt filled, what if’s and negative thoughts and scenarios that you run through your mind on a consistent basis. Write them down without any attachment, just get them ALL out on paper.

Continue to add to your list as new fears come up.

Once your list is written, make a decision to watch your thoughts like a HAWK. You can wear a rubber band on your wrist and every time one of your old fears comes up to get FED, snap the rubber band on your wrist and say “thank you for sharing” and then replace the thought with a new empowered thought.

Do this diligently for 3 days straight and every time a scary fear thought pops up, snap your wrist! You’ll get so much out of this exercise if you do it! Just the simple exercise of identifying all of your old fears will empower you tremendously! I promise! It works!

bahamas 2.jpgDon’t be afraid of fear. It really is a gift and a sign that you’re growing and stretching. If you’re a coach, artist, speaker, author or creative spiritual entrepreneur naturally you’re living on the EDGE of your comfort zone. You’re CREATING your destiny! Breathe on the edge and soon enough you will take flight and learn to SOAR with the eagles! But then again you will be back on earth feeling the fear again. Learning to navigate the fear is the key to your success. Stick with it!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been a coach for 10 years now and still fears surface for me! I get it! Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart! You are training to be a warrior goddess, learning to slay your dragons, over come obstacles and manifest your destiny!

It requires a lot of inner work, resilience, belief in yourself, support, focus and persistence to POP your biz and to keep POPPIN’ your biz because you don’t just POP once!

You have to continuously be working on all aspects of yourself, your business, your marketing and your mindset for the LONG haul. That’s why it’s essential to have a coach to support you along the way.

img_pearl.jpgI have opened my heart and my calendar to mentor three 1:1 private coaching clients at this time. If you’re reading this and you’re ready to conquer your fears and manifest your destiny by creating your profitable, portable and playful biz then check out my new Finding the Pearl Within POP your biz mini coaching package by clicking here.

Have a gorgeous and radiant week!



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