We’re almost halfway through 2016, so how are you lining up with your 2016 goals and intentions?

Here are some tips to step into Summer 2016 like a pro and claim your goals!

Stay focused
Don’t give up
Be LOYAL to your goal
ACT as if
Know you deserve it
Know that if you can dream it and envision it, YOU CAN claim it
Take aligned action DAILY no matter what
Envision your desires daily
Feel as if it’s already happening NOW
Write your life into existence
Clean up your physical environment to make space for what you really want.
Say YES when you’re being called
Dive into your desires
Surround yourself with EPIC peeps who see you & get you!
Don’t settle
Quit beating yourself up
Know how you sabotage (write it down) and don’t do it
Stop being a victim
Stop playing small
Get in the GAME and play to WIN
No excuses
Do the work
Show up
Be visible daily!
Share your voice & your message consistently
Believe that life is for you
Tell FEAR to F off, because it’s not real
Worship your desires more than your fears
Breathe deeply
Create massive healthy boundaries in all relationships
Take charge of your life
Eat no for breakfast and keep going
Do what scares you FIRST every day
Do yoga
Get in your body
Cut out the toxic food, drinks and peeps in your life
Laser focus
Bengal tiger focus

Life and results don’t just happen to you. You are creating your life with every thought, feeling, attitude, action, belief, and reaction. If you want different results than you have NOW, you have to think, speak, write, create, believe, and act differently than you are being now.

It’s pretty simple, but most peeps are insane and they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

If you want change, now is the TIME!!



P.S. What are YOU going to do differently in July? Share it in the comments below and give me an AMEN if you’re ready for a change!

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