amandaandfamilyhawaii2015My biz was rocking! I was traveling the world, speaking on big stages, shopping at Tiffany’s and living it up in ALL ways. I decided to host my own event and put it all on the line. You might have seen me after my first event with the spray tan and fake eye lashes (I actually grew to love that!). I was at the peak of my biz AND I was emotionally and mentally exhausted! I simply couldn’t keep on pushing so hard.

 Thankfully, I had a very solid biz foundation coupled with a simplified and strategic biz model that I could go on biz cruise control while serving my soul mate clients and maintaining my freedomista biz dream lifestyle of living in Hawaii 2 months of the year and out of our dream house in the mountains the rest of the time with my soul man Johnn and our kids Sawyer and Phoebe.

There are cycles and seasons in life and business. Learning to listen to, TRUST and plan for these seasons has been the KEY to my success. What’s your plan for your seasons and business cycles?

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