I have a gift for you today! Sunday was the summer solstice which means we’re at the half way point in 2015! I hope you set your soul money goal for 2015 and that you’re regularly checking in on that goal each week to track your progress.

If no, now is the time to start. When you want to make a leap in your financial goals you need to look at how you are acting, being, believing and feeling NOW. And then “blow” the whistle on your old ways that are NOT in alignment with where you are going!

Listen Below to my audio visualization on blowing the whistle on your old self , plus a visualization on your future radiant self.. AND you’ll get a playbook to lead you through it.

Enjoy the Audio:

[audioplayer file=”http://amandamoxley.audioacrobat.com/download/amandamoxley-20150622100608.mp3″ titles=”Solstice Gift to Claim Your Soul Money Goal in 2015!” artists=”Amanda Moxley” track=”fb3979″]

Right click to download audio file

Visualize! Click here to download the Playbook in PDF

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