April 03, 2014 
Volume IX, Issue 221
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You can manifest ANYTHING you put your MIND to! We just manifested a 3 year DREAM into our reality in 24 hours. So here it is.. for years I’ve visualized selling our sweet little starter house to the perfect couple. I visualized the “For Sale” sign digging into the dirt and us moving on to a higher frequency house. If you ask any of my friends, family or mastermind sisters they will tell you I have ASKED for this for YEARS!

Previous House.jpg

For the past few weeks, Johnn and I have been cleaning up and outour house with the intention to sell it. It felt so scary to let go of the comforts and memories of this sweet house. We bought this house right after we got married in 2005 and the day we moved in we went to the pound and chose our kitties. I birthed my biz in this house. We went through Johnn’s accident and recovery in this house. And both of my babies were BORN in our bedroom in a hot water bath. It’s a lot to release!

But I wanted this for years! And this was the year and our time to make our move. We put our house for sale on Saturday morning, that night we had 2 showings and by Sunday morning at 10 am we had an offer. Sunday night we were under contract! Instant manifestation!

The moral of the story is this… visualize your desires coming true in your mind because in my mind the house was sold and when it was time to physically sell it- it manifested in less than 24 hours.

It all starts in the mind. Often times, we use our minds to imagine our worst nightmares and then they manifest! Remember that thoughts are things! Read on to this week’s feature article to learn more about how you can manifest YOUR biggest dreams!

See you next week!

Abundantly yours,


Breathe, believe and receive!


This week, I invite you to write and speak your life into existence!Write in full description and detail your Perfect Average DAY. This is a wonderful exercise for your imagination which will highlight exactly what your values are and how you truly would LOVE to spend your day/ your PRECIOUS HUMAN LIFE.


You see money likes fun, passion, freedom, adventures and when you live your life following the compass of your own heart. This exercise will support you in remembering your dreams, passions and desires. Now it’s up to you to love yourself enough to let yourself FOLLOW your heart.

Write out your average perfect day as if it’s already happened and then read it every day! Then visualize it happening in your mind every morning and every night before you fall asleep. TRUST that it will manifest because it WILL!



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