Holy #shit balls I uncovered a massive dungeon in my subconscious this morning.
Who would have known but yesterday when I shared my manifesting formula with you about the “belief part” and why you need to believe you’ll receive what you say you want.. well shit damn I have a whole big bunch of cinderalla shit going on…

Read all the way through because when I write about the archetypes, it gets really GOOD!

Like this:

  • You’re too much
  • Don’t be too loud
  • Fit in
  • Be normal
  • FIT IT
  • Be like everyone else
  • like what they like
  • Be normal PLEASE

Sit down, shut up and be quiet

And shut up and be miserable like the rest of us.
Don’t even try to outshine us or get too BIG.
You’re just a scullery maid like us and you’re never going anywhere so just suck it up, work hard, BE NORMAL, fit in and be miserable like us.

Don’t want to much
Don’ ask for too much
Be happy with what you have and do not bother anyone
What makes you think you deserve it?
Who do you think you are?
No one else can have it so why should YOU?
What makes you so special?

Why do you think the world revolves around YOU?
You’re a selfish, stupid entitled brat
What makes you think you can get what you want all of the time?
You can’t
You do not deserve it

Just sit down, shut up, be quiet and don’t DREAM or ask for what you want because you will not get it..ever
You’re unloved and unlovable. Get used to it.

It has to be hard and tough
You must suffer
We all suffer.
Life is not fair and then you DIE!!

Well fuck that shit.

I’m here to tell you that

We have different archetypes

Slave Girl
Scullery Maid

A slave give or scullery maid is put down. Disrespected. Unloved. Abandoned. Chained to the commands of her master. Other people tell her who she is. She is nothing. She has nothing. She is chained to everyone else. Cinderella story. She has no freedom, no choice, no desires. She is captured. She is not allowed to want or to desire. She is not allowed to be a free and a sovereign being.

A servant is at the beck and call of her master. She jumps when they say jump. She is like a loyal dog obedient to her master, depended on them for food, shelter, clothing, love and joy. She is not a sovereign being. She is not self reliant. She is dependent. There is never enough. Always getting by. Waiting for a morsel of love, of food, of approval, of validation.

A princess whines and throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. She is entitled. She is waiting to be saved and rescued by something more powerful than her. She is not in her power. She gives her power away to something outside of her. She is immature.

A Queen is a Queen. She is royal, regal and the ruler of her life. She is divinely crowned and adorned with precious gems of reception, magnetism and communication. She is a cosmic creator. She is powerful and can create anything she desires. She asks. She receives. She knows her worth is inherent in her existence. She serves her Queendom. She believes her every thought, desire, wish will be granted. She expects the best and receives the best. Nothing BUT the BEST will do. She reigns her life. Her word is her wand.

Who are you being in your business and life? Are you the scullery maid/slave girl? The Servant? The Princess? Or the Queen?

You do have a choice.

You have one precious life.

Who ya gonna be?

I know what I’m choosing.

Call me Queen Amanda from here on out!

The truth is when you SHINE like the super F’in nova you are, you DO liberate everyone around you with your LIGHT.

They can’t help but me magnetized by the light.

Shine ON!

I love you,


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