You must be visible
You need to show up in service daily
You must share your message and rock out your voice
You must ask for the sale
You must be committed to core of your beingness that you will make your goals no matter what. Failure is not an option.

Knowing that allows you to soften into the BIG picture and trust that if you keep showing up, adding value, being of service, with a strong intention you will make your goals.

You also need to be laser focused on what YOU truly desire and not on what you think you “should desire.”

You need to get into a white heat desire for what you want. You have to want it BADLY enough. This is where I’ve personally been stuck the past two years! Wanna hear why?

We moved into our dream house two years ago with 100 million dollar views, five bedrooms, massive huge office with breathtaking views, three bathrooms with jetted Jacuzzi tubs, garage, totally epic floor plan, and lots of land to play on and around. I love my house. It is my sacred space. I thank God every day for this house.

I had wanted to move out of our starter house for three years, and I visualized my dream house and I was in a massive white heat desire to MOVE. That was my driver. Our house sold in less than 24 hours once we decided to sell it.

Then bam, we move in and then I was like “now what?” I have everything I want and wanted now.

I know serious first world problems and I don’t expect your sympathy, but the point of the story is that you may be blocking yourself from receiving your income goals because you are not allowing yourself to DREAM big enough and really OWN your true DESIRES of what you really want.

It can be scary to have it ALL and then WANT MORE. Old programming pops in, and you can get stuck in new level of mediocrity.

I’m stoked to say that I have butterflies in my belly again and I’m burning up with a couple of hot new desires.

I’ve been coasting the past two years because I could.

Your desires light a fire in your core and propel you to move forward.

Your desires create a ripple effect because when you are turned on and lit up, that energy is HOT, magnetic, and attractive. People and money want a piece of that energy. The Universe wants to GIVE you everything you desire.

The first step in achieving your goals is to get in a white heat desire for what you want.

Like when you fall in LOVE and you stay up ALL night engulfed in your lovers arms. You’re drunk on love. You don’t need to sleep. You are fueled by a higher frequency.

If you’re stuck manifesting your goals. . .here lies the problem.

What do you really REALLY, really WANT?

I give you permission to want what you really want.

If you want to take the slow boat to your desires then focus on what you “should want” or what is “practical and logical” or don’t let yourself dream too big because you already have it all.

What do you really want?

What is in your big HEART?

Go for it!

I am!!

You’re going to feel ALIVE, turned on, happy, excited again. And that, my friend, will magnetize opportunities, success, and abundance your way!

Share your desires with me in the comment thread!



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