ezine918-3Today I am going to give you one of my best secrets for magnetizing more money, more clients and more JOY into your biz!

Here it is! It’s YOU!

You must schedule and gift yourself daily soulful SOLO time- no matter what.

You live in a hectic overly stimulated world with no rest for the weary! It’s crazy pants out there! Are you attached to your smart phone, email, facebook and messenger ALL of the time? It can be addicting and the sad part is that you can miss out on hearing the whispers of your STILL SMALL VOICE!

Well that’s about to change sister! It’s time to take YOU back!

You might be pushing yourself to the max these days with motherhood,(if applicable) your biz, your clients, your marketing, your team, your marriage, your house, your body, your social life, your kids social life and more!

And then you hardly slow down enough to take care of you and what matters to you. Or maybe you’re really good at self care but you know you could amp it up a bit. I believe that the more you take care of you and the better you feel, the more money you will make and the more clients you will easily magnetize to you.

So what are gonna do about it?

1. Decide that you will GIFT yourself SOLO SOUL time every day for at least 10 minutes.

2. Decide when the best time is for you to receive your solo time.

3. Schedule it in!

4. Decide what you will do!

Here’s an example of my routine.

writingI wake up around 6:15 am which gives me an hour before the kids wake up. I go to the bathroom, wash then spray my face with rose essential oil spray. (LOVE this!) I use my tongue scraper (highly recommend getting one!).

Then I grab my yoga mat, walk to my deck and do a few rounds of sun salutations and other easy yoga poses to get my spine supple, my breath flowing and body warmed up!

Next I set my timer on my phone for 10 minutes.  I sit on my meditation cushion, close my eyes and meditate for 10 minutes. It goes by way too fast but it allows me to go within.

After meditation, I sit on my swivel rocking chair on my deck in  the sun light and I write in my journal for 10-20 minutes. I start my writing out with this phrase.. “I am so happy and grateful now that…” then I go off on my goals, my desires, my dreams and my visions. By now, I am feeling unstoppable, pumped up and excited for my day!

Giving yourself this SOULFUL Solo time will boost your body, mind and spirit throughout the day so that NOTHING will kick you off your center. You will feel grounded, confident, connected, lit up and in charge of your life and your destiny!

Now it’s your turn to create and follow through with your SOULful SOLO time.

Sit back and watch the goodness flow in your life!


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