“I started working with Amanda Moxley when I was 20 years old, struggling with my weight, body image and health.  Since working with her I’ve undergone amazing transformations.  I’ve survived a near-fatal blood clot, have the body of my dreams, graduated college with a wealth of holistic lifestyle tips…. Oh yeah, and I just stared MY OWN BUSINESS!

As a pre-med student with a major in Anthropology, I graduated with HUGE ideas for myself, present and future without the means to initiate them, let alone any business knowledge to make them succeed.  Amanda has helped me build a recovery coaching business that allows me to help others using ALL of my skills and qualifications. As soon as my body and money story were healed, I was also introduced to an AMAZING community of soulful women, which have been amazing resources in my health and money journey. With Amanda’s guidance it has been fun, flexible and is a growing source of income to save for medical school! You can learn more about my journey at TrineVik.com

Meet my incredible client Trine Vik…

…who is just 22 years young! Not only has she had a HUGE body transformation, but right out of school she’s starting her own business, helping people who have serious health conditions recover and move on to a life that they love. What a HOT POPPIN’ woman!


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