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Melissa Frederick   Ava Waits   Nicole Devaney
Trine Vik   Cassie Lopez   Sonja Ramos
Emily Thorpe   Kim Gillespie   Jamie Strohfeldt

Melissa Frederick

My AMAZING client Melissa Frederick shares her success story with us today... Not only has Melissa released around 40lbs from her body through our work together, now she's about to POP as an incredible body empowerment coach after quitting her J-O-B and taking a two month road trip with her husband and living her dream! Join us here: AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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Ava Waits

The gorgeous Ava Waits (I like to call her Ava Leaps!) shares her incredible success. She was sick and tired of struggling and under charging so she came to me for help. She went from charging $1200 for her packages and not selling enough of them, to selling raising her frequency and selling programs for $8000 with ease! Now that's a POP! Join us at AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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Nicole Devaney

The delectable Nicole shares her success story and how important she KNOWS it is to invest at the right level for coaching and how our work together helped her step up and honour her OWN value and give up giving it away! She tripled her pricing AND put into place her boundaries to serve her clients in longer programs. Wanna piece of this? Dive in at AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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Trine Vik

AmandaMoxley.com/pop ~Meet my incredible client Trine Vik who is just 22 years young! Not only has she had a HUGE body transformation, but right out of school she's starting her own business, helping people who have serious health conditions recover and move on to a life that they love. What a HOT POPPIN' woman! There's still space if you want to get this kinda success on your side!

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Cassie Lopez

The beautiful Cassie Lopez shares some juicy nuggets about how she went from charging $85 for hourly session to supporting her clients through 3 month transformations for $3000 ... If you want to POP like Cassie get your butt over to AmandaMoxley.com/pop to find out about my new program starting NEXT WEEK!

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Sonja Ramos

AmandaMoxley.com/pop ~ The AWESOME Sonja Ramos of FreshBettyLifestyle.com shares her succes story about how she realised her self worth and learned to stop *giving away* her Genius, like so many health and wellness practitioners! She is READY TO POP right now! ~ If you want to POP like Sonja then dive in!

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Emily Thorpe

Woohoo! More international hot POPPERS! Emily Thorpe from the UK shares how she kicked her Limiting Beliefs to the kerb and Ended Her Money Drama... She's a published author and awesome working mum and is ready to POP her Biz in 2013 with a new series of workshops coming up soon! Come POP with the awesome global community of Hot Poppin' Women! ~ www.AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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Kim Gillespie

Check out the ADORABLE Kim Gillespie, my client who's done the work on Ending Her Money Drama, has created a new program structure, upped her prices and stopped giving her away her time ALREADY... This hot Aussie is about to POP. Want your Biz to POP to Six Figures too?  ~ www.AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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Jamie Strohfeldt

Jamie is rockin' n rollin' already! She already has her program in the birth canal and is planning to get her business up and running and official by the end of our 90 days together - that's come f'in focus that you want to BE around! Jump in with us here... There's still time! www.AmandaMoxley.com/pop

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