Do you want to be rich?

I come from a very spiritual background as a yoga instructor with a masters in Social Work. I always wanted to help people. I love people.
I never wanted to be really rich.
I thought money didn’t matter.
And I could get by on very little.
I remember in college going skiing for the weekend and SLEEPING in the car with my friends in the freezing cold. We thought it was fun.
I wanted to be spiritually rich.
Live like a minimalist on raw food, yoga, prana and meditation.
I remember traveling to India and wanting to stay there and spend my life meditating in the caves. LOL!
My teacher said “not this life Amanda, you are meant to live a rich and prosperous life at home”.
So I headed back home, got married, bought a house, started my business and began our family.

Can you be spiritual and rich?
Is it ok to be rich?
Is it ok for you to want more and ask for more and actually LET yourself receive more?

These are questions I would ask myself over and over again. Perhaps you ask yourself the same questions?

Does God want me to be rich?
Is being rich BAD?
Is it wrong to want money?
Can I really be rich?
Is it sinful to want money?

For years, I struggled with just having enough. I would let myself have SOME but not tons in my business and life.

Struggle town was my #normal.

I rode the feast or famine roller coaster with money for years, even wrote a book about it.

Maybe you can relate?

The point of me sharing this today is to encourage and inspire you to give yourself permission to be RICH.

Rich in abundance of money
Rich in clients
Rich in time
Rich in investments
Rich in cash
Rich in resources
Rich in friends
Rich in family
Rich in connection
Rich in money
Rich in health
Rich in wealth
Rich in giving
Rich in receiving
Rich in joy
Rich in living your purpose
Rich in letting your SOUL be and do what it wants to do

It’s OK for you to have it all.
You do not have to struggle or PUT OFF receiving.
Self sabotage can be over.
It is safe for you to have more than enough and live in the overflow without worrying about when the other shoe will drop.

The turning point for me with money was when I DECIDED:

  1. Money is currency and currency is energy. Money is JUST energy and it’s neutral. Not good or bad.
  2. My work, my heart, my strategies, wisdom, how to’s, programs, packages, events, retreats and coaching HELP my clients create massive results and lifetime transformations. My work matters, makes a difference and changes lives.
  3. To get crystal clear on exactly what I want
  4. Take daily consistent actions every day towards my plans
  5. Get the F out of my own way and let myself RECEIVE. Repeating the mantra “receive, receive, receive”
  6. Develop the habit of paying myself first and saving money consistently and automatically every week
  7. Give myself permission to ask for, serve, give and receive what my heart desires
  8. Release resentment, fear, anxiety and allow myself to be loved, claimed and adored by the divine

I believe that money makes life easier.

I remember when I was struggling in my business, I heard the words “Amanda, you are a light worker, you are not HERE to focus on survival. You are here for MORE. Use what you have!”

Giving yourself permission to be spiritual and rich will allow you to hire more support, provide more jobs, give more to causes you believe in and help more people. What’s wrong with that?

I hope this helps you!

You deserve everything that is in your heart.

I love you and believe in you.



P.S. Have you struggled with this? Are you ready to be #rich and spiritual in all ways? Give me a YES in the comments if you’re ready to let in all of the abundance that is your birthright! Xo

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