In today’s ezine, I’m talking about something that I’ve never publicly talked about before but it’s time because the more I coach and meet my clients the more of you I learn can relate.

amandadadSo here it is…I will admit, I grew up with a “very” successful, ambitious, driven and perceived to be “rich” dad. I was dependent on him and received money, adventures, gifts, goodies, education and opportunities until I was 29 (10 years ago). I was told that if I “played my cards right, I would inherit ALL of this stuff”.

Having this back door or belief that I could and would ONE day “be saved financially” by my dad definitely KEPT me small and powerless. It was like I didn’t have to PLAY TOO BIG or get into my POWER because I had this cushion to fall back on.

I stayed stuck in that energy for the first 6 years of my business and until I decided it was MY TIME. Sound familiar?

Up until then, I unconsciously took on that it was okay for me to be successful and wealthy if I were a business MAN with an MBA or a lawyer because in society’s eyes I would be successful.

amandafamilyJust as recent as THIS summer my dad told me that I was a pseudo biz owner which is completely untrue! And when I really broke free and into my power back in 2011 and made $54k in 6 weeks, he told me he thought I was in a “pyramid scheme.”

Just because I only work 18 hours a week, live in Hawaii a few months out of the year and make 20k to 50k a month doesn’t mean I am slacking off over here!  I worked my bunz off with both the inner and outer work to get to this place in my business and I am proud of it!

Sure it hurt. I had to feel my feelings and then with love, set up boundaries and then dig deep and touch my power. I had no other options. Being dependent on him was condition based and felt icky and I could not live my dream life like that.

If you have a desire for SUCCESS, wealth, abundance, freedom and the kind of financial flow you grew up with but you’re not able to create it on your own, or you don’t think you deserve it or you don’t know how to put it all together then you’re reading this at the right time.

amandamermIf you know without a shadow of a doubt that NOW is your time to step out of the sidelines and into your power then keep reading!

Over the past several years, I’ve coached a core group of women ready to reach 6 figures and beyond in my high end Rain Maker master mind program.

They pay top dollar (it’s not cheap at all) to work with me as a Rain Maker but they always make their money back and more importantly they learn HOW to make money. My Rain Makers also learn to get in their power, they find their voice, get on the WORLD stage, own their worth, claim their value, get visible and live their dreams!

I love coaching women at this level because #1) you’re committed and #2) I can really get in there with you and snuggle up with you in creating and customizing your rocking profitable, portable and playful biz!

  • Are you ready for a high level of support for both the inner and outer work of launching your biz to 6 figures and beyond
  • Is now your time to get in your power so you can ROCK out your biz?

If yes, let’s do this! I have 4 spaces in my heart and in my calendar for my upcoming Rain Makers. But you really must be ready to play full outand be fully committed to claiming your abundant freedom in your biz this year. No excuses!

*Please note that you have to be ready to invest upfront. This is not a cheap program and it is not for you if have a victim mentality. No offense. This is the deluxe of the deluxe with me cheering you on in customizing your Profitable, Portable and Playful biz this year.

The Rain Maker master mind is available by application only and there are only 4 divine spaces available for the next year because I want to be able to give you my ALL! (Think: VIP access to me, live retreats, weekly coaching, VIP intensives, biz training, money core work and more!)

To apply to be one of my 4 Rain Makers this year CLICK HERE!



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