Amanda Moxley’s Not So Overnight 9 year Success Story

This story is part of a movement – the Busting The Overnight Success Myth: Community Blog Tour, where 21 ladies who have made their dream business a reality (in a variety of different niches) share what it really took for us to make this happen. Including the not so pretty stuff.

When my friend and colleague Allison Braun (The Business Joyologist) shared her vision for this blog tour with me, I knew I wanted to be a part of it because I am passionate about inspiring women entrepreneurs to fully manifest their dream businesses and lives and I know it’s not as easy as it sounds

So here is my story. It’s raw, real and includes things I’ve never shared before!

Today I am typing on my Mac Book Pro in my dream house with panoramic mountain views. My two small children and my soul mate are playing while I work for a few hours. We just got back from 6 days camping, hot springs, yoga with Michael Franti, mountain biking and hanging with old friends in Sun Valley, Idaho. I have a solid multiple 6 figure biz which allows us to live our vision board dream which includes 3+ months on Kauai, Hawaii each year. Life is good indeed!

This is the life I envisioned way back in 2005 when I set off to be a holistic health coach!

Whatever your dream is you too can manifest it!

You just gotta want it badly enough. You have to be relentless and you must never give up.

I certainly did not wake up one day with a multiple 6 figure biz. It took a lot of time to build this, in fact it took 9 years!

Johnn and I anniversary night2005: I graduated the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and had 10 clients at $800. I participated in IIN”s immersion program and had 10 student clients. I also worked as a Social Worker and I taught 6 Bikram Yoga classes a week. It was HOT! I have no idea how much money I made this year because I never counted it! I also got married this year to my soul mate.

2006: I was still working the same regime but by 6-6-6 I quit my Social Work Job. I was 30 years old and car pooling to work with my Mom to work at her social work clinic. When she went out of town for a week, I quit! HA!

After that I was jazzed up to make it as full time health coach. I took on 24 clients either for free, trade or in a 6 month coaching program for anywhere between $1200 and $2400. That year I finished with about 60k. Most of these clients came from my yoga studio and from free local talks I gave around my town.

MachuPichuPeru 072 (2)2007: I felt like I was rolling in cash. I was making 50k a year. This year I travelled to both Machu Pichu, Peru and Costa Rica for a yoga retreat. I met awesome clients and friends at these retreats.

2008: I got online and started seeing other health coaches making multiple six figures on line. WHAT!! I invested in my first 6 month platinum style program at 4k and started learning the ropes of internet marketing.

I made about 50k that year. I never really tracked my money but I always had it flowing in from clients. My husband had a near death ski accident in April of 2008 and 1 week later, we learned I was pregnant! Johnn had a 110% recovery and in December I had my first home water birth.

2009: I received an inheritance and generous financial gift from my family to be able to take off 3 months to be with my baby. I had a lot of time to cruise the internet, listen to free calls and to be sold too. I got caught by the internet marketing BUG. I was so excited by the thought that I could make BIG money online.

1379800_10153476945250495_263530853_nAt the same time, something deep within me was awakened after my son was born, it was like “mamma’s gotta make some money.” So I took my a chunk of my inheritance and paid 10k in full for my first high end mentor. My baby, my sister and I flew to London so I could have a 2 day intensive with my coach to map out my biz plan.

She recommended I invest in a 6k website, which I did. Don’t ever pay 6k for a website because you’re always evolving and changing!

I learned a lot that year about money, time management, boundaries, marketing and I even launched my first high end master mind. I did the whole free call launch and I wanted 8 women in the program. Originally the program was 7k for 8 months of 1:1 coaching and 2 live retreats but then I chickened out and lowered the price to $3300!!!! I had my biggest income month after that and made 13k in full. It totally freaked me out. I ended up upper limiting BIG time after that.

Obviously I paid more out in the retreats, team, getting coached, giveaways and my time than I profited. I also did NOT listen to my intuition and I took on a client who was NOT a good fit. Never do that!! Always listen to your intuition.

New  house viewIn the fall of 2009, I attended my first live event in Vegas where I met amazing entrepreneurs who I still JV with.

I hired my first VA at $45 and hour which was WAY too much. She was an entrepreneur too and I easily gave my power away to her because I thought she knew more than me. Big mistake.

That year, I made about 50k again. Still not quantum leaps!

2010: I got into debt (divine energy blessing the dream) for the first time in my life. I decided to continue to work with my biz coach and used my zero percent credit card to pay for it. I continued to coast this year working with 1:1 clients. Then I saw another health coach selling a 3 month GROUP coaching program for 15k and I was floored!

I was like, what is wrong with me? My clients are having massive transformations and I am barely getting by. I secretly wanted to be that health coach who had such a buzz around her. I wanted to be the one having a $300k launch but I was not. I finished up that year with about 30k in debt and 50k in sales. Not good.

I ended up hiring another UK based coach whom I paid 12k for a 3 month coaching program. She was an angel and really believed in me. She could not see why/how I was not receiving the abundance I desired. I think it was my f’d up money story, my lack of self belief and my fear around the money story.

393027_10150950839415495_781330494_23061195_486426785_n2011: Finally my quantum leap! By February 2011, I drained my savings and I was down to my LAST $200. I was spending money like I had it, knowing and trusting that I would one day be that multiple 6 figure biz woman I dreamed of.

I flew to LA for a 2k photo shoot and then went to a 2 day 1k workshop with a coach to help me transform my money story- all on my AMEX card. I love you AMEX! Thanks for having my back and being my sponsor.

I was literally at my rock bottom and the coach leading the money workshop had a similar story and she turned her story around. I decided to borrow her faith and to create my own financial miracle. I ended up joining her master mind (thanks AMEX) and with her belief in me and her coaching me. I went on to sell 11 spots at 5k within 6 weeks.

Then a few months later I offered a group health coaching program at 4k-5k and sold 6 spots. Most of these women came from JV affiliate connections online and from my yoga studio.

I sold 10 VIP days at 1k and I loved this work because I could see the transformation my clients were making right in front of my eyes.

AmandaHeartAltaI was a launching machine. I was learning how to make money. I learned how to successfully lead and enroll sales conversations. I was still teaching 4 Bikram yoga classes a week so lots of clients came from there. Only a handful came straight off the internet.

I also gave free talks and workshops at my yoga studios again.

In December of that year, I decided to teach other Health Coaches and healing practioners how to make 6 figures. At the 11th hour, a woman I had met a local networking event years before wired 10k in full into my bank acct on December 31st, 2011. And two other women came from online into my 10k program.

I finished 2011 with 125k in sales. The year before I made 50k.

My strength grew massively that year. My entrepreneur and hustle muscles were bulking up. I got to serve a lot of amazing clients and really felt my power.

The crux was I was still in debt. I ended up deciding to hirer the coach 50,000 for 6 months of coaching. I am so grateful I did because it taught me a ton and I would not be here today without that high level support and belief in me.

And by the way, I became pregnant again in July of 2011 so I was growing a baby while growing my biz to 6 figures!

mermaid love2012: I was on TV numerous times, I was featured in local health magazines. I hosted my first ever international telesummit and added 1,000 peeps to my list. I had 1 assistant.

I was hustling all the way till April 2nd when my second baby angel was born at home naturally in a birthing tub in our room. The birth was really fast (20 min of pushing) and very intense. I felt like a T-Rex. I lost a lot of blood. I was very light headed right after the birth and heard these words…. “you don’t have to work so hard and push so hard any more, it’s safe for you to receive.” Phoebe has brought a lot of light and feminine love into my life. 

6 weeks later we went on a family adventure to Kauai. We manifested a house and a car and plane tickets for 3 weeks. Then we met another Bikram teacher who offered us to sublet her house for 2 months. We said yes even if we didn’t have the money. We trusted.

stageThen my BFF invited me to fly to LA to speak on her stage with her about wealth consciousness in front of 115 people. I had every excuse in the book not to go but Phoebe and I took the red eye and went.

I ended up manifesting three 10k clients from that event and from my ezine list that summer. That was awesome. I remember walking to the beach and feeling.. this is the way it should be!

We created a huge buzz on social media because we were living our dreams and people were watching and LOVING it!

Back at home that fall, I launched my End Yo’ Money drama program and my Healthy Wealthy Biz School which were a BIG hit.

I finished 2012 with 187k and yes I still had debt but I wasn’t focusing on that because I was building my dream biz and life. YA!!!

Sunset with Phoebe Hanalei2013: My next quantum leap. I was rolling in the dough this year and loving it. It felt really good to have a little organization and a great community of clients who I loved and adored. It felt so good to finally be done with the feast or famine, to be in the spotlight and to be able to teach my message.

We returned to Kauai for 3+ months where I had my best month ever. 50k!!

1375873_10153433915195495_820660377_nThen I launched my first ever live event which scared the hell out of me. I had 40k on the line with the venue, event team, staff etc. I had never sold/offered anything from the stage. It was a big gamble. I had many a nights of massive fear storms. Lots of anxiety, stress and worry.

We sold over 80 tickets to the event which was epic for my first event.

The moment I got on stage, I started to cry. I felt so vulnerable, exhausted and very much responsible for them and their feelings. I felt like I was Moses and I had to set the captives free. I took on a TON of their energy.

It was another level of healing my own money story. Just because I am highly emotional, empathetic and sensitive and I can feel other peoples stuff does not mean that I am responsible to fix it or change it. Ahh ha!

The event was a huge success, I profited 140k from the event and welcomed 14 beautiful clients into my Fire Starter and Rain Maker master mind.

The thing that sucked is that at the time, I beat myself up because I thought it wasn’t good enough. I compared myself to my colleagues results and successes.

2013 I ended the year with 333K in gross revenue.


Vision manifest!

2014: I forgot to mention that the week before my BIG event, my loyal VA of 2 years decided to quit on me so the first few months of 2014 were rocky as I was rebuilding my team. I hosted my second international telesummit which was a massive amount of work and which cost me a fortune because I took on a VA who was all TALK and no walk. It was a big scramble getting everything together.

I also switched over to Infusionsoft in the mix and then needed a new merchant account. The merchant account wanted to keep 10% of my revenue and I said screw that I’d rather keep that 10%, I’d like to close the account. They then proceeded to KEEP all of my money for 6 months! Yup. That sucked. So I found myself back in a cash flow crunch because my money was being held.

By February my team was getting solid again. I have a customer service VA and a tech VA who are awesome now.

This year I could coast quite a bit on the income from the live event.

I put my focus into selling our house which sold in 24 hours and then 4 days later we manifested our dream house!! And one of the BEST parts of this story is that I was able to whack off a HUGE part of debt with the equity of our first home. YES!

I flew to Vegas in May to produce a pro video launch for my Healthy Wealthy Biz School. I paid 5k plus another 1600 in facebook ads. We added over 2500 gorgeous souls to the email list in the past month and we received 26 beautiful new clients into the biz school. My goal was 50 women but I am happy to serve who is in front of me and to give them my all. I always set big goals and generally receive about half of my goal every time! HA!

This year has been about healing deeper layers of my money story which is deeply connected to my childhood which I am happy to share about at a later time. I’m grateful for what I have created. It has been a remarkable 9 years! WOW!!

My intention this year is to grow and nurture the wealth we have created through investments and savings and of course to live the good life!

I’m excited to host my second live event October 1-3rd, in Park City Utah. Stay tuned for your invitation!

If I could go back in time and give myself the cliff notes to success here’s what I’d share…

  • Keep the BIG picture in mind.
  • Say yes even when you’re scared or don’t know how it’s going to work out.
  • Set up systems for everything in your biz.
  • Delegate everything that you hate doing
  • Build your local connections and community and never forget where you came from
  • Serve who is in front of you with all of your heart
  • Ask for, hirer and receive the high end support and structure you need for your business.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
  • Don’t compete with anyone.. just better your best.
  • Laugh a little bit more and don’t take it all so seriously!
  • Relax!! You’re going to get all of your goals.
  • Be thankful and grateful for all that you have created.


If you’ve ever felt alone on your journey or like you weren’t as far as you “should” be, I invite you to check out more of these real-life stories by going here to join the Busting The Overnight Success Myth::Community Blog Tour. I know my friend Heather Jernigan shared her story yesterday and Racheal Cook is up sharing her journey tomorrow.

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