Q: What do successful entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes have in common?


A: They hire a coach who SEES them, believes in them and who can COACH them to victory.

What about you?

Are you invested in your success by hiring a coach who BELIEVES in you, sees you and who can give you the “cliff notes” to success all the while gently kicking your ego’s arse so that you can get over yourself and FIND yourself?

It’s just sooo easy to limit yourself and get down on yourself and revert to old programs when you are “going it alone.” Being an entrepreneur is hard enough! Don’t even try to DIY!!!

Having high end support, like an Olympic athlete and following the coaching is the winning ingredient to busting through income barriers and quantum leaping your income.


Have you decided that 2015 is YOUR year-no matter what-to rock out your biz to 6 figures and beyond?

If so, then let’s talk! Apply here to talk with me about me coaching YOU to your rock star Olympic status in your business.

Please note: My Rain Maker clients must:

  • Have a NO EXCUSES attitude
  • Be committed to the core
  • Be persistent and courageous
  • Be willing to get uncomfortable
  • Take massive inspired action even if you don’t “want to” or you don’t “FEEL” like it
  • F’in focus like an Olympic Athlete
  • Not give up
  • Be determined- like a bull dog to get what you want
  • Be in a white HEAT desire for your GOALS
  • Be ready to invest


There’s no turning back once you decide it’s time for you to make money.

Get ready to:

Get into your POWER – and feel it in your solar plexus

  • Rule Your World
  • Manifest your destiny
  • Take the world by storm
  • Get Visible
  • Be vulnerable
  • Be a PLAYER
  • Have fun
  • Slay your dragons
  • Go on an epic heroine’s journey and COME back as the Heroine!!

Nothing will stop you!

If this is YOU!  Apply here to be one of my 4 Rain Maker VIPs!

Don’t just take it from me.. hear from my rock star clients how theyslayed their dragons, doubled their incomes, traveled the world, fell in love, got in their power, charged their worth, wrote their books, quit their jobs and allowed themselves to RECEIVE.

Feel the energy in your gut. Trust IT! You know who you are. Only 4 spaced remain. 2015 is YOURS! Claim it!

Apply here and tell me why I should coach you and what you want to create this year.

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