Are you so excited for our New Level, New Devil training call next week? I am! I couldn’t wait to connect so I shot a couple of quick selfie videos for you to help wet your whistle before we connect next week!

The first video is about: New Level, New Devil and how to powerfully DECIDE to no longer be available for financial struggle. When you decide you’re DONESKI with the drama, you’ll become a MAGNET to what you DO desire!



The second video: It’s Not About the Money. In this video I want you to look at what “it’s” really about. I encourage you to go deeper and to look at what is really underneath what’s going on with you and your relationship with money. We will talk way more about this one on the live training call next week.



The third video: Stop hanging out with peeps who have f’ed money beliefs. This is a funny video about calling yourself and the peeps in your life OUT who have f’ed up money beliefs.



The fourth video: Stop SHRINKING and playing small. This is a fun video where I call myself out for playing small and I challenge you to take the “no skrinkage” challenge with me! Because when you shrink and play small, you could be BLOCKING money and your dreams from coming your way!



The fifth video: Your WT (wounded teenager) is standing in the way of your wounded child! You’re going to LOVE this video! I’m revealing the wounded teenager and how yours is blocking YOU from receiving money, the new clients, raising your rates and putting yourself out there. Watch this one!



Enjoy the videos! Take action on the insights you gain and be sure to be with us LIVE next Tuesday August 12th!


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