Do you ever wake up at 4:44 am because your soul is trying to get your attention? That’s what happened to me this morning! I answered the call and here’s what I heard

Monetize & Master Your Message to Impact Millions and Make Millions.
So what does that mean to you?

You have a divine calling that your Soul chose to be on earth here and now to share. Sounds good, right?

But the problem is that YOUR message is not converting nor monetizing in a way that you KNOW you are destined to.

You get glimpses of yourself on the world stage, shining your light and making a difference but you’re not there yet!

And it’s frustrating because you KNOW you were born to SHINE like a super nova!!
I used to feel the same way, I would see all of these women influencers online and off line and I KNEW I could be like them but I didn’t know how to get my message out there in a bigger way to call in my tribe, make a big difference and get paid to do it!

My words were not converting.

My message was not landing (instead I got blank stares of confusion). Sound familiar?

You might feel invisible unseen, unheard and misunderstood too?

Once I hired my first coach back in 2009 for 10k, she helped me hone in on my message and still it didn’t really LAND until 2011 when I figured it out.
I went from offering programs like “The Beautiful Woman Emerging Program” to “Fit, Fab & Fierce Release up to 50 lbs in 5 Months” and then selling the latter for 5k vs. the 1st for $297!!

You might be experiencing this kind of “No Response” to your marketing efforts BUT you keep going because you know your soul won’t let YOU not go for it!
I love that about YOU!!

Your tenacity, persistence and heart’s desires to be the woman you were born to be will PAY OFF!! There is no way it can not, unless of course you quit. Which you will never do because your soul won’t let you! HA!

In celebration of LOVE day February 14th, I’ve decided (well my soul woke me up with this message) to invite you to something I have never ever done before but I keep seeing so many of my peeps totally STUCK and struggling with their message and it’s got to end!

Because mastering YOUR message is HOW YOU MAKE MONEY. And if you do not master it you’ll stay where you are for TOO long (like I did from 2009-2011!!) And you won’t be able to help the people who need you! So sad.

SO if you’re:

  • hearing crickets in your marketing
  • getting no to very little response to your marketing message
  • copy, programs, emails or videos are not converting
  • something is just not right in your business
  • not making the impact or the reach you know you’re destined to make
  • you’re not living your CORE calling
  • not giving up till you figure this out
  • meant to make a massive difference and get PAID amazingly
  • Then I have the perfect solution for you!

Monetize & Master Your Message to Impact Millions & Make Millions with Amanda Moxley!!


  • 6 Weeks of personalized intensive mastermind content to help you monetize & master your message (for real)
  • 6 1 hour biz training calls
  • 5 Guidebooks on how to nail your message, get visible and make bank
  • Multi -media training (audio, livestreams, and video)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum for accountability, support, and sisterhood
    Very limited spaces available

Guaranteed that if you do this work you will Master Your Message & OWN your Voice in a way you never have before


  • Become the authority in your field (it’s time)
  • Nail your message in a way that makes your SOUL sing!
  • Master your message and make more money
  • Get crystal clear on who you are, what you do, where you need to share your message
    Stop being afraid of being seen and heard for who you are
  • Be you and Make Bank
  • Love yourself, your story and your message NOW and allow the abundance into your life.
  • Kick your lb’s (limiting beliefs) to the curb and shine like a super f’in NOVA!
    Learn how to turn your personal story into your own transformational story to connect with and
  • attract your tribe and make GREAT money doing it!
  • Get seen, be heard and get paid
  • Create your signature system
  • Get Visible through video, livestreaming, writing, speaking, sharing and more

Plus you get all of this…

  • Have a throat chakra healing at it’s finest
  • Be able to effectively communicate your message in a way that FEELS good and that gets your tribe foaming at the mouth to get IT NOW!
  • Start to market your message in a way that makes you GREAT money now
  • Feel amazing because you’re messaging is finally landing!!
  • Be the leader and coach your clients are looking for.
  • Stay in your power and blast through money objections (which are usually NOT about the money!) so you receive more money
  • Open your heart to love more deeply without fear of rejection
  • Transform your money story so you can RECEIVE and serve at your highest level

Bonus: Includes 2 tickets to my 2017 3 day Live Event & Retreat!

Starts Next Week! Limited Spots Available


  • 6 Weeks of personalized intensive mastermind content ($6,000)
  • 6 biz group training calls led by Amanda Moxley ($3,000)
  • 5 Guidebooks on how to nail your message, create your signature system, signature talk to get visible and make bank ($1,000)
  • 24/7 mastermind forum for accountability, support, and sisterhood (priceless)
  • Two tickets to the 3 day Live Event & Retreat ($2,000)



$11.11 per day! ($497 in full or 2 payments of $300)
Master Your Message to Impact Millions…MakeMillions

Go VIP and get this:

90 minute VIP 1:1 virtual intensive with me where you’ll receive your exact marketing message, niche, ideal client profile to position you as an authority to master your message and feel awesome about it!
3 X 1:1 laser coaching JFDI sessions with me, you’ll get continued support after our VIP intensive to receive more focus, clarity and action
Unlimited 24/7 access to me via FB messenger to get support, feedback and ask questions


$1,997 or 2 payments of $1,111.00
Master Your Message to Impact Millions…Make Millions-VIP

YES!! Message me right now ( if you know NOW is your time to master your message for real, no more f’in around, waiting time. Enough is enough. THIS IS YOUR TIME! You are ready to nail your message, rock your voice, impact MORE and make MORE money in your soulful business!

Reminder: Only 10 Places Available. Very Limited Spaces Available so I can go ALL in with YOU! JFDI now

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