I wanted to reach out today with an awesome post I shared on Facebook this week that resonated with heaps of friends and fans that I knew you’d enjoy. And watch your in box early next week because I’m cooking up something special for you!

IMG_2631.jpgI had a major breakthrough in yoga on Sunday. After my 90 min hot Bikram class, I was observing some tightness in my left shoulder. I decided to listen to the dialogue and one voice was telling me how horrible I was and how much I suck and how much it hated me.

The part of me that was taking that abuse was about to shrivel up and then it fought back and said.. “you are so mean to me, you hate me, you’re so hard on me, you judge me, you never think you’re good enough, you compare me to everyone. I hate YOU. You’re a f’in (fill in the worst word you could give a female.)

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I started crying and releasing all of this sadness. Why am I so hard on myself? That voice was saying “why don’t you see me? Why don’t you love me? Why don’t you believe in me?”

For the past two years, I’ve been processing lots of WC1™(wounded child) stuff around my mom and dad. I’ve had lots of clearing and healing conversations with them. And I have forgiven them and I love them.. which feels good.

That said, I remember when I first busted out in my business, I wanted my parents to see me, love me, trust me and believe in me. Funny that the voice was wanting the same thing from me!

What I uncovered Sunday night was some deep seated hatred towards myself from myself. It went way way back. I am the enemy. No one on earth is as hard on you as you are as hard on yourself. WOW! I cried some more.

In any battle, it’s good to know the enemy so you can make peace with it. I’m so excited I am back into my yoga practice and I could dialogue with my body.

Everything you seek is within you. This world is an illusion. There is no other. It’s all YOU baby. Heal you. Dare to go within. There’s a gold mine in there.

WOW! I know I am not the only one who harbors feelings like this. If you have body pain… talk to your body. It has all of the answers you seek.

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No one else can heal you but YOU. You can get all the massages, chiropractic work, shaman work, psychotherapy etc… but all roads lead back to YOU.

Breathe- believe- receive.

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Since this breakthrough, I’ve spent the past few days praising myself and loving myself up!
What about you?

  • How can you LOVE yourself more?
  • How can you trust yourself more?
  • How can you SEE you more?
  • How can you BELIEVE in you more?

One way is to start affirming I TRUST myself. And another way is to look in the mirror and talk to yourself about how amazing you are. Another way is to talk to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend and PUMP yourself up with all of  things YOU SEE inside of you.

Once you get out of your own way, watch out… an avalanche of abundance, love and success is on it’s way to you.


Abundantly yours,


P.S. We’re in a very powerful portal during the first few weeks of the year. Jump in!

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