Loosen up around Money!

By Amanda Moxley

Learning to make, keep and receive money is a skill that is developed over time. The problem I see is that you are taking this money thing WAY too seriously! You’re making it ALL about YOU because you are making it personal. Do you beat yourself up and tell yourself that you suck because you haven’t met your income goals?

What if you could take it easy honeyand NOT beat yourself up?

What if you could relax around money and treat it like you are having FUN learning a new sport or hobby.

Because learning how to make money..ie marketing yourself, packaging your services, asking for the sale, promoting your teleclasses and putting yourself out there is NOT something you were taught to do in school. In fact, most schools taught and trained you how to be an employee and how to do your work so that you would get paid to live a mediocre life like everyone else!

When you decided to become an entrepreneur; you embarked on a massive inward journey to deprogram and uncondition yourself from society’s norms. Entrepreneurs are choosing to STOP conforming to society’s ways for the sake of creating REAL freedom, prosperity and wealth.

You really otta give yourself a hug right now and congratulate yourself for having the guts to follow YOUR heart and your soul’s callings and dreams. 

So loosen up about this money thing. 

Money is currency. Currency is energy. Money HAS always been here for you since the beginning of time. Trust it! 

Learn to DANCE with your relationship with money. Some months you have it and some months you don’t. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you suck and are worthless. 

Have you ever started a work out routine and cleaned up your diet and transformed your body? And then after a few week of feeling all lean and hot did you loosen up on your exercise and food and then gained a few pounds back? I know I have! 

The cool thing IS … you have a cellular memory of what it feels like to be lean and hot so then your body can easily GO BACK to that state of being. 

It’s the same thing with money!You’re learning how to make it, keep it and receive it and then you might BLOW it or sabotage it but you can always GET IT back because you know how to do it. You are developing the cellular memory. You are transforming your thoughts to wealth, abundance and prosperity. You’re learning to act as if! 

As you are birthing your new money story; you are transforming all 72 trillion cells in your body.  This takes time. Be consistent and persistent and everything will work out!


Make up your mind that you will NOT STOP until you meet your goal. If you never give up, you will always make your mark! Relax back into the BIG PICTURE,enjoy the ride and TRUST and KNOW that you will transform into the wealthy abundant woman you were born to be! 

I believe in you! I know you can do this! 




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