A few months back during the Canadian Thanksgiving Holiday, my friend Shakaya Leone shared her 100 gratitude LIST with her readers and I LOVED it! So here’s mine!

I invite you to write yours next! 

I am grateful for: 

1. My gorgeous epic VIEWunnamed (5)

2. My dream house manifestation

3. Selling our house in 24 hours!

4. Johnn’s big blue eyes

5. Johnn’s funny jokes

6. Johnn always making me laugh

7. Dad’s cocky confidence and protective energy

8. Mom’s gifts

9. The red pillow mom brought over

10. The lamp mom gave to PhoebeJohnn and I anniversary night

11. The painted canvases mom made for Phoebe’s room

12. Phoebe laughing and giggling with me

13. Mingy sleeping next to me ALL night

14. Sawyer’s smile

15. Sawyer’s gorgeous eyes

16. Sawyer’s cuddles

17. Sawyer’s kisses on the lips

18. Sawyer’s kisses on my hand

19. Sawyer’s “I love you Mommy’s”Amanda and Son

20. Phoebe’s tutu’s

21. Phoebe’s cute little 2 year old body

22. Nursing Phoebe still. Cuddling with Phoebe.

23. My 29er mountain bike Johnn gave me

24. Ripping around the mountains on my bike with Johnn and solo

25. The sunset and sunrise view from our kitchen and deck and bedroom

26. Our new refrigerator

27. Our new washing machine

28. Our new dryerbiking

29. Our 2 car garage!!! The first time in my life I’ve had a garage

30. My ugg boots

31. My diamond dangly earrings and waking up and seeing them in the mirror

32. My bike trainer

33. My new mac book pro so I can watch videos

34. Michael Bernard Beckwith

35. Agape livestreaming

36. The Agape International Choir

37. Joel Osteen live streamlining

38. My gorgeous office and view

39. Heather Dominic’s grounded, wise, deep soulful wisdom- ancient grandma ancient TREE energy

40. Seeing Holly on her wedding day. I’ve never seen her look so beautiful.

41. Andrew’s vows to Holly!! The best vows EVER!!

42. Sammy’s love for Phoebe and Sawyerunnamed (4)

43. Sammy finding her path and her power

44. Sammy skiing

45. Aimee answering all of my calls.

46. Me and Aimee’s soulfilled deep talks

47. Jamie’s MAMMA love and nurturing

48. Session’s with Jamie

49. Salenta’s sensuality biz and love of money!!

50. My Rain Makers in 2014

Salt Lake City Portraits

51. Courtney

52. Mary

53. Ashley

54. Natasha

55. My Fire Starters (ALL Of them!!!)

56. Sonja’s sm love

57. Laura , Theresa, Terry, Sonja, Jenny B, Jen, Mani, Christina, Jen, Tracy, Margaret

58. Jessica writing her book in 86 days!!

59. Danica, Ria, Yen Efer, Tammy

60. I love my clients courage to slay their fears and become their best selves

62. My Money Core MM women!! All of them!

63. My millionaire mermaids soul sisters

64. Trish my sessions with her this year

65. My meditation practice. THANK YOU!

66. Being back IN yoga!amanda + yoga

67. Jackie and Alex

68. Jay Jones

69. Bob Proctor event this year

70. My morning ritual- visualization, asana, mediation, journaling, gratitude, goals and Yerba Matte!

71. Michelle’s fun and high vibe

72. Shakaya’s idea to hirer a lady in waiting for Rain Maker Live!!

73. Rain Maker Live- my BEST and most fun event ever

75. Gillian my photographer and the gorgeous photos of the women and the event

76. Jamie supporting me at my event

77. Listening to my intuition about the event

78. Kat’s no BS writing and life!

79. Leonie’s hilariousity

80. J-lo’s humor, fun and love and support. I love her sex drive too!

81. Jenny’s solid and groundedness

82. Denise’s laid back go with the flow easy does it style. I LOVE IT!

83. Hibiscus’s kindness, generosity and smarts

84. Laura’s big sister push you over your edge look at yourself and take responsibility please attitude. Her smarts.

85. Sandy’s book. Sandy’s fun way. Sandy’s story and transformation.

86. Victoria’s smarts, humor and laid back attitude.

87. Awaken preschool for Phoebe

88. Co-op kindergarten. Mrs. Lund and all of us parents who teach in the co-op.

89. Johnn knowing what’s best for me and what makes my spirit soar

90. Skiing pow, skiing FAST

91. All of the money I have NOW and that I’ve always had

92. My beautiful body!

93. Pole dancing classskiing 2014

94. Grams

95. Rooms!!! I love YOU. Megando reunion 2015

97. Molly, Raz, Joey and Allison, Suzz

98. Omar’s – chocolate gogi and all the food

99. Vive juicery delivery

100. Christina’s calls and prayers

101. Mamma ocean and Hawaii

102. My support team- Lisa, Melissa, Stacey

103. G going for it and showing me what is possible!

104. Karen’s expansion and growth

105. Cooper Wynn- my amazing event team

I could go on!! That was so much fun. I highly recommend that you create your gratitude list of 100. My heart feels OPEN! I feel RICH.

Have a great week!



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