March 06, 2014
Volume IX, Issue 217
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Aloha Love,Thank you for all of the birthday blessings and well wishes last week! I had the best day ever!! Here are a couple of pics from my weekend!

Ski Pose
BirthdayDinnerSince then I’ve been writing, heart-storming and planning my 39th year leading up to my second ever live event happening in the Fall of 2014 this week. It’s an exciting time for sure as I feel I’ve really found my sweet spot in my biz.

This week, we kicked off my  Healthy Wealthy Biz School-90 days to POP your Biz program with the theme of F’in Focus, so that’s the name of the game. BTW.. I am sensing that there are at least five more peeps that know they want to POP with us this year but you’ve been sitting on the fence, (you know who you are!)

Anyway, the doors are seriously closing on Monday! So, if you want to POP, you better make the decision now! The sisterhood is POWerful and these women are already poppin’ and making money!

This week, I’m giving you my SECRET formula for identifying, clarifying and claiming your 2014 SOUL MONEY goal. This formula is super juicy because this is how I’ve built my profitable, portable and playful biz and that is my wish for you!

 Let’s do this!

 Have a great weekend!




How to Identify, Clarify and Claim Your 2014 SOUL Money Goal

By Amanda Moxleyclaim.jpg

With the start of a NEW YEAR, I wanted to share with you how you can identify, clarify and claim your SOUL money goal. Have you noticed that some of your money goals have NOT manifested for you? Well, perhaps that is because those old goals were EGO goals not SOUL money goals.

I have discovered along the way that money likes to have a container and it likes to feel like it’s on purpose. I recommend having a SOUL MONEY goal as opposed to an ego goal.

Are you ready to be claimed, loved and adored by money?

Here’s my trick for discovering your SOUL MONEY goal.

Step 1. What is the cost of your monthly outflows for both your personal and business?



Multiply that number by 12 months to get your outflows for the year:                    


Here’s a helpful hint: please do not shrink or play small with your numbers. Be honest with your number and give yourself some breathing room. We’re all about expansion not contraction here. If your number is “big” that’s a good sign that you are ready for a BIG life.

Step 2: Write out everything that you desire this year. If you really could be, do and have anything this year what would that be?

Here are some examples. Think about the year ahead of you and everything that you would like to accomplish.

  • Up-leveled lingerie
  • New shoes
  • New dresses, clothes, makeup, jewelrygoal2.jpg
  • Sports gear
  • Car, transportation
  • Fun short trips or a long trip
  • Short weekend trips
  • Events you want to attend
  • Support you want to hire for your home and personal life
  • Support you want to hire for your business and professional development (coach, coaching programs, assistants, copy writer, photographer, graphic designer. Image stylist, social media experts, videographer media etc)
  • New technology- like a computer or a camera
  • New home, house furnishings
  • A big event such as a wedding, a child, a new home, your own workshop or event
  • 3 month adventure inHawaii
  • Savings for financial freedom accounts
  • Savings for your children
  • Self-care: massages, hair, facials, pedicures, retreats
  • Giving
  • Keep going….


Step 3: Now that you have your list…

Write a number representing how much money (energetic exchange) each desire will cost. You may have to do some fun and significant research to find out how much all of your desires will be. Look online or go out and GO window shopping!

Step 4: Uncover your SOUL MONEY goal.

Total up your desires number:
Plus your yearly total biz and personal number:                                        


My SOUL MONEY Goal is:                                                                 

This SOUL MONEY Goal is your money goal for the next 12 months.

My 2014 SOUL MONEY Goal is:_________________

Next week, I’ll share with you how you can actually create your plan of action for claiming this SOUL money goal. Until then, get your calculator out, dream, visualize and identify your 2014 SOUL MONEY goal.

Talk to you next week!

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You were BORN TO BE YOU, so be you 100%!

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